Bark, Hide and Horn

Bark, Hide and Horn


Four multi-instrumentalists rocking the holy spirit out of their souls, blurring the lines between folk, blues, psych, and indie-rock, and singing songs based on old National Geographic articles.


Bark, Hide and Horn is a four-man folk-rock orchestra hailing from Portland, Oregon. Since their inception as a three-piece in summer of 2005, their line-up has shifted several times. With each incarnation, the boys have taken on more musical responsibilities. Andy Furgeson, lead singer and guitar player, managed to bang a suitcase-turned-kickdrum and control a drum machine with his feet. Brian Garvey learned to juggle a synth, keyboard, trumpet, mandolin, and homemade percussion kit. Peter Valois came along in winter of 2005, bringing his ability to leap mid-song from bass to vibraphone to percussion, not to mention his indispensable recording know-how. Only months ago Dusty Dybvig joined the ranks on drums, freeing the rest of the band to focus on their primary instruments and bringing a previously impossible rhythmic intensity to the whole outfit. The boys create a full, dynamic sound that, within any song, can shift from soft, haunted folk to loud, raucous blues, with hints of indie-rock, country, gospel, and mariachi escaping in between. The songs are carefully crafted and arranged. Many are like short stories, with characters lifted from the pages of old National Geographic magazines. Their world is populated by rebellious insects, love-lorn tree snails, enraged grizzly bears, and the naturalists who love them. From these unusual perspectives, the classic themes of American music are given new life.



Written By: Furgeson

Firefly, firefly, yellow little point of light winging through the gloom of night. Firefly, firefly, suddenly you aren't flying though your lantern still does shine on my spiderweb, spiderweb, silk that I did thread into this lovely glowing net. My oh my, firefly, welcome to my bed. Won't you rest your weary head? Shine, shine, won't you keep on shining, illuminate this tryst, light my poison kiss. Shine, shine, won't you keep on shining, shining through this silk, I'm ready for the kill. Firefly, firefly, apple of my eyes, eight dots of burning white. Firefly, firefly, let yourself be mine wrapped up in silk sheets so tight. Glow-worm, don't you squirm, love is so impermanent, tonight we'll let it burn. My oh my, firefly, let your lovelight shine, it don't matter if you're dying, your mine.

This Abdomen Has Flown

Written By: Furgeson

I am a honey ant and this is my story, as true as a story can be. I was born into slavery, a pawn of the queen, my body and soul weren't free. From the day my egg hatched my fate was determined, my body was burdened and bound to store up sweet honey for all of the workers and the queen on her throne underground. Once I was old enough to walk from my tunnel they led me out into the sun where they stuffed up my abdomen with sweet sickening honeydew left by the wasp for its young. My ass was the ball, my thorax the chain as I dragged my damned bounty back home. I was locked in a cellar with all my sad sisters, our bellies about to explode. We hung by our feet, preserving that sugary shit like some grapes on a vine. All the footloose and free ones from throughout the colony would feast on the nectar inside us, suck it out through our mouths and imbibe. This morning a gent from the National Geographic put his shovel through our tunnel wall. After taking some photos he grabbed me with tweezers, piercing my red bloated hull. The honey dripped out on his pink callused fingers, he tasted the juice with his tongue. Then he set me aside on a dried yellow oak leaf, beginning my life on the run. So you can tell that old queen she has lost a "replete" today, for I am completely my own. Tell the queen she can fill her own goddamned abdomen, 'cuz honey this abdomen has flown. Leave my belly alone.


"Bark, Hide and Horn" EP, Boy Howdy Records, 2006

Set List

35 - 45 minutes, more possible.