Brooklyn, New York, USA

Tight rock 3 piece out of Brooklyn. Comparisons have been made to The Cars, Talking Heads, Black Keys and The Walkmen among other.


At first Barkhouse was an event, a one-night show designed by Will de Zengotita, to showcase some long hidden material. Will was joined by several musicians that night, including old companions Jay Mort and Olmo Tighe. Ignited by the “Barkhouse” show these three would go on to form a new band of the same name. Even as the writing became a shared endeavor, their songs have continued with the same sincerity and intensity that characterized those first offerings.
Now three years on and well established in the Brooklyn music scene they recently hooked up with Wreckroom Records to record the critically acclaimed Wolves At The Wall EP. Barkhouse has drawn comparisons to older acts like The Cars and Talking Heads as well as newer bands like The Black Keys or The Walkmen but you’ll have to see for yourself at


Hold Tight EP (Wreckroom Records) - April 2013

Wonderful Signs/Suffer - September 2012

Barkhouse EP - January 2012