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Proud To Be Pro-Cannabis

Written By: Van Sherwood

Verse 1
Well not so very long ago
Hemp was farmed in open fields
Cloth, paper, fuel, medicine
Many products did it yield
But lies, greed, and bigotry (A propaganda campaign)
Came and took all that away (Oh, the shame)
Still the Woodstock dove sings of peace and love
And it's time we had our say

Chorus 1
That once again in America (In our democracy)
Marijuana will be free (Just like it used to be)
It’s been wrong far too long
Time to get high legally
I’d proudly roll for two and share with you
A joint in harmony
‘Cause it ain’t no crime to just unwind
Take back our THC

Verse 2
From a guerrilla field in Memphis
To a dorm at USC
In grandma’s brownie kitchen
Or a medical nursery
From Athletes to Zombies
Even those that don’t inhale
We just wanna chill or medicate our ills
We don’t belong in jail

Chorus 2
So let’s think green, America (Re-build an industry)
And plant marijuana seeds (Oh, the possibilities!)
Hemp can make a “T” and save our trees
Even boost the economy
But first decriminalize and recognize
Its value medically
'Cause weed can be good therapy
Take back our THC

Chorus 3
Have you heard the truth about cannabis? (Been known centuries)
It’s a superstar commodity (Potentially)
Yet mindless thugs and their war on drugs
Continue to prosecute weed
It’s high time we all awoke, took a toke,
And viewed pot logically
Researchers say “Pot’s Okay”
Take back our THC

Chorus 4
So be loud, proud, and pro-cannabis
Proclaim the truth until they see
For only then can we finally end
The lies and hypocrisy
We’ve got to see thru the smoke and understand this vote’s
'Bout Individual Liberty
'Cause what we use is ours to choose!
So take back. Take back our THC!

Well not so very long ago
They put it under lock and key
It's not the demon weed they had us believe
Time [tick, tick, tick...]
To set it free