Barkus Born

Barkus Born


We're somewhat related to the atmospheric and psychological school where the "textural rock" that hangs somewhere between the extremes of roots-rock and post-rock, are emphasized with non-linear guitar-based soundscapes with fused psychedelic, chamber and melodious music.


Barkus Born is Jordan Hadley on guitar, bass, and keys. Stephen Kurtz on drums and horn. Joseph Maffei on guitar, and vocals and Scott Townsend, on guitar and bass. Although they come from different backgrounds these gentlemen have a keen interest in music. With many different ideas of what makes good music, they have compiled an extensive song list that includes several genres. By fusing the roots of rock with the spontaneity of jazz, and throwing in folk, dub, and noise just for good measure, they are creating music for today’s listener. The main focus of the band is Alternative/ Rock, but they have a strong psychedelic influence. They always share a great time playing together and love to play for loud, and energetic crowds. Within minutes you forget your worries, open yourself up and you’re ready to join them on a musical journey which will visit spirits of the past and introduce you to a new plain of musical expression.


Thunder Waltz

Written By: Joseph Maffei

Listened for the warmth,
ignored the way you fought along,
so where'd she go?

Once upon away,
abroad ,
withdraw the golden saying
"Oh thats low!"

Waltz sway around explore a rump shake
It helps swing what's swung

Twist through the foreign parts
along the loving sweat and soar!

No star is this far.

There's only one way under,
so don't you awake more of me.
Dance to the brake of this thunder,
At most you'll lead for me.

It's a stronger thread
but we won't know when to

Wrought the metal traits
wore the long face
and seen us grow

So dont take this wrong

There's only one way under,
so don't you awake more of me.
Dance to the brake of this thunder,
At most you'll lead for me.

Walk Like Water

Written By: Joseph Maffei

Tonight she'll see her way
despite if we agree
In light of shear astray
It's fine will tear your pay

Don't think there's a day
only to spare full wage

Its life to see her shake
a slight heat of grace

Don't beat the braille to say
Long reads fail to fake


Barkus Born is Currently in process recording a full length album with Producer/Engineer Matt Boynten, who is accredited for production and recording of artist such as, Vietnam, Bat For Lashes, Dolly Partton, Nora Jones, Bad Wizard, Arborattum, and Gang Gang Dance.

Set List

Our set list usually ranges between 6 and 8 songs. Our current set list is as follows: 1."Walk Like Water", 2."Thunder Waltz", 3."Interger", 4."Barkus Born", 5."Poppy Lace", 6."Faux Pas", 7. "Rebound" 8. "What If's"