Our band is heartfelt lyrics with a heavier sound, some may call it emo/screamo. We sing personal portraits of what we have been through, we interact with the crowd and have so much passion about our music. We feel it's hard to label us since we have so many different aspects of music in one band.


Barlait is a group of 4 guys with a passion for every note they play. They love to play music for people, and if it's for 10 people or 1,000, it doesn't matter. They are a favorite home town band in Petoskey and are steadily gaining fans and respect from other bands as they travel across Michigan. They will stay at a show to meet and talk to every fan and even drive them home if they don't have a ride home. With crazy on-stage antics, what sets them apart is the fact that they can still be thrashing around on stage and have their music just as clean and professional as their recordings. They go out of their way to work things out, whether it has to do with sharing equipment or adjusting their set time. What matters is making it a better experience for everyone at their shows.


If Only Tragedy EP

Set List

Chicago Avenue Lasts Forever
13 Floors, We'll Take The Stairs
Beautiful Fate
Fail To Order
Veni Vidi Vici

Our set is usually 25-30 minutes long, and as of now we do not play any covers.