Barling and Collins

Barling and Collins


Barling and Collins (or B.C.) is a rowdy acoustic guitar and cello duo careening from rock to punk to country to pop to your daddy's sock drawer, a non-stop ride through irreverence and that which made America great: thinking for yourself and throwing down.


Since 1997, Barling and Collins have been building a reputation as an underground "must see" in Charlottesville, Va. They've been referred to as everything from the town's best songwriters to the real front in the war on terror (an Afghanistan veteran actually said that one night) to nothing but locker room humor for the child-at-heart. It's all true. Brimming with blasphemy and boasting a keen sense of catchy songsmithy, B.C. is a hard act to describe. Styles change at every tune. Think Tom Waits and Randy Newman have love children with They Might Be Giants and the Asylum Street Spankers at Abbey Road Studios. Tenacious D performs the circumcision.
B.C. is not a soft-serve wanna-be popstar acoustic duo churning out "more of the same." They are a sily, raucus and occasionally obnoxious, good-time band for grown-ups, complete with cussing, head-banging and full-on revelry. That being said, they can tone down their show for mixed audiences.


Puberty and Justice For All (2004)-- full length cd
Several tracks recieve regular rotation on central Va. radio, most notably "(That's Right) I'm Looking at Your Girlfriend". More are posted at

Set List

Barling and Collins shows are generally 95% original.
Two sets per night 1 hour and 1.25-1.5 hours respectively.
Set lists are rarely used (only when time constraints dictate). A typical first set might run: Why Am I So Stupid All the Time?>Go To Hell>You and Your Rockstar Friends, Jackal of Love, Sexually Attractive, Rotten Candy, Sons of the Sleepless Men, That's Why Ben Harper Sucks, Uncle Jerry's Nasty Granny, The Whole Enchilada, Poor Old Eddie, If You're A Viper. (The last number being the only cover.) With over 120 originals in their working repertroire, BC can carry on for quite some time. All Barling lyrics are posted at