Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Barlow are a thrash/hardcore band with rock and roll styling to match. Slow and brooding, the intensity rolls out with ease as they grind your bones to bake their bread. Built on a foundation of heavy roots and unrelenting speed, songs cut through like a knife from minutes to moments, leaving you in a cold sweat wondering, 'what the hell just happened?'. The decency and well being for others are not taken into consideration once deafening drums, gritty bass and screaming guitars come together as


Barlow formed in January '12 but was based off of an idea that had been in the works since the summer of '11. The band is made up of Dexter Outhit (vocals), James Deyoung (drums), Tri Le (bass), and Aaron Burke (guitar/vocals). Originally coming together as a 3 piece it became apparent that writing vocals over trash music would be more difficult and less beneficial than having a true lead vocalist, wherein Dexter was sought out. Since the current formation the band has been powering through writing and recording while staying under the radar and honing their sound and energy for the right time. With plans to release a 4 song demo in late May, and another 8-10 at the end of June, the band's wasting no time creating a vast library of gritty jams and bangers to endure.


Empty Justice

Written By: Aaron Burke

Turn a blind eye and hold out both hands
Get slipped the key and remove the restraints
That bind your life to its solitary confines
You've been sentenced in the sights of men
In the eyes of every rotting, lifeless victim
Tell tale of a heavy hand, that was cut at the wrist as a quick fix
Empty justice
They've bedded the social threat with the working classes
Beaming with pride, they look on at the fuck
If it's closure you seek, you wont find what you need
In the shadows dressed in skin who want your next of kin
Kill the saint and go unnoticed
Empty justice
Blameless until proven guilty
Empty justice
Second chance falls short as the hilt of the blade you sink in, again and again
No sense but nonsense
The rational fear of leaving your home
Gets a pat on the back, a kick out the door
And you're next in the line of untimely death
Here's your freedom, stripping families of restful sleep
Do you know what's waiting for guys like us in prison?
Full course meals and television, long walks without supervision
Empty justice


Demo 1/tbr May 30th

Set List

20-25 minute set consisting of 8-10 songs (they're short and fast for the majority)