Barnabas Szilagyi

Barnabas Szilagyi


Ā«Barnabas - The Spectrum of MusicĀ» His songs transfering deep emotions, that moves your instincts, bringing you up, sometimes washing away with elemental power, and sometimes just brings you closer where you want to belong. Sensitive, warm, smooth,massive.


I was born in '80 as the youngest member of a music instrument maker family. My father started to make Jew's harps in the mid '70s, and by the early '90s he became world well known and his name is equal to the master of this tiny instrument.

I started composing when I was 6 years old. First pieces were small etudes for piano and solo voice, and later, when I picked up violin at 7, I started to compose more complex songs as well. As I was getting older, my technical skill got better and better so I could express myself more and more as I wanted to. Harmonies moving me when I write music. Harmonies are in my mind all the time, they are leading me into directions.

Later, I founded a band, called Navrang. We play electronic world-music, combining lots of rare and interesting musical instruments (arabic, indian, balkanian, hungarian, phillippien's, etc) with contemporary sounding, so that result is something whole and heavy. We're having concerts in most of the countries in Europe for several years. Last year a record label released our 2nd album, called Pangea.

In 2005 I was a semi-finalist on the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in world music category.
In 2006 I was a Honorable Mentioned in the West Coast Songwriters Competition in the world-music category.

I am happy that radio and TV stations prefer playing my songs from New York to Budapest so thus I can widen the spectrum of thinking of everyday's people this way.

I've got another band, called Earl. It's more popular, something like the latest song: "Garden of Eden". My first album is from 1998, and after several years of searching my own musical ways, now I feel I can drift my ideas into one bed. Last year, Sony Music in Japan used one of my Earl songs for an advertisement.

I'm a member of The Juilliard Music School studying composition there. It's great to have a deep taste into the classical music again.

Scriabin's preludes, Indian tabla players, Michael Jackon's older songs and mainly my family's musical atmosphere and the interesting people from different cultures had the biggest influence on my music.


Garden of Eden

Written By: Barnabas Szilagyi

Off of the path
Of decision made
Pleasure hardly waits
Nothing but an empty road alone
Running through the desert of Unknown

I won't let you wait
For suffering from shame
The book of all wouldn't
register your name

Don't hurry now
Problems left behind
Look, the rain has gone
From here

Sun shines upon your face
Just a second that it takes
As smile is curving
The flowers are blooming
You look so great...

Looking into your eyes
Reading between the lines
You were hiding until now

Courage is that will do
Don't be afraid, don't be fool,
Don't hesitate,
It is worth what it takes

Have you ever felt alone
With that fear within your soul
How hard was to believe
You will realize
Lies won't harmonize
True love sets you free, yeah

Have you felt that world needs you
Mother wants child to be true
Altought it is time
That needs to clarify
The way that drives you
To garden of Eden

I won't go by
Heaven is yours and mine
It's the way that drives me
To garden of Eden

Straight way to Eden..


1998-Navrang01 (album)
1999-Electronically unplugged (album)
2000-Dig it all (album)
2002-Good morning Hungary!-Compilation CD, featuring Earl with the 1st and 4th songs. (album, Record Express)
2003-Rabat roots, Maxi album
2003-The road is waiting for you, Maxi album
2004-Navrang-Live in Donau Fest, Germany, Concert recording album
2004-Pangea (album, Trottel Records)
2005-Vision of a circle - Advertisement for Sony Vaio laptop (Sony Music, Japan)
2005-TV Film Score (Duna TV)
2005-TV Film Score: The future of the Universe (Spectrum TV)
2005-Author of 'Ultimate guide to play Jew's harp music' (Book+CD, G50 Records)
2005-Garden of Eden (Maxi single)

Set List

Set list is 90 mins tipically which means 18 songs.

Bounced harmonics
The trumponauts
Zephyr morning
Rabat roots
Jazzlike in G
Funky Frenetics
Moldova Express
Daisy Cutter
Goat dance
Rikshaw Caravane
Krakatau Vibes
Road to Bakhtapur
3 Jew's harps