Barnaby Hazen

Barnaby Hazen


From punk to indie to ethereal rock; visceral, original.


Babelshack is a band formed by, and based around the songs of Barnaby Hazen. Babelshack has captured a considerable audience in Santa Fe through shows on and off the College of Santa Fe campus. They have toured the States of New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona. They perform in various formations as each member is an active professional in music.

“The Santa Fe band’s crisp, melodic rock is subtly complex but groovy enough to fill the dance floor.”
—Eric Schmidt, “Boulder Dirt,” Aug 5th, 2005



Written By: Barnaby Hazen


Perfect way to get a girlfriend

Ain’t by way of her ex-boyfriend

First pick in how to be kind shouldn’t be to be cruel

No matter how many times I say

Can it wait until after my birthday

You sigh at me on the phone as if I’m bound to come through

**I’m getting twisted, turning backwards

If you wanna piece of my time nail down my body first

Getting twisted, turning backwards

I can’t complain about the radio

My CD player works fine and all

These people making me sick are quick enough to pass by

But soon it’s painfully clear to see

My anger slowly perverting me

Can’t think of when it was last that I dreampt I could fly

** I’m getting twisted, turning backwards

If you wanna piece of my time nail down my body first

Getting twisted, turning backwards

if you wanna piece of my mind brace yourself for the worst

getting twisted, turning backwards

The quickest way to a lesbian

it ain’t by way of her girlfriend

you’ve had your pick of the town

why don’t you try to be cool--


Written By: Barnaby Hazen

German non-alcoholic
I can quit drinking to a fault
it's no wonder I'm up all night
singing to a moth
that's getting caught up
on a bright hot light

my latest psychosomatic
is hyper-anti-romantic
still I've got sense enought
to bore my mind distracted
by telling myself again and again
that I'm not an addict

*It's only insomnia(x3)
it must be
there are plenty of people
feel like me

this place is well lit and warm
draft from the door ain't no harm
and no-one seems to mind
I might as well be blind
as I'm staring out the window
watching lights flash by

I've read this book once before
last round I thought I liked it more
my only reason
for looking at the time
is that I like to be in bed
before the harsh sun-rise


Never a Bride

Written By: Barnaby Hazen

too scared to know it's true
too high to admit that I do
take your time
keeping me in your mind
as long as I can hold my breath you're mine
you're mine

stream of words comes from
loving you
I know you're there
and I think that you're true
take my time
keeping you in my mind
cause I'm
always a barfly never a bride
never a bride

don't you know it's only me?
making the best of what's at hand
while I'm at sea
ride the tide all alone at bed-time
waiting for you to restore the night
it keeps me alive
it keeps me alive


Babelshack, 2005 EP -- college airplay in Texas and New Mexico."

Full length: "Return of the Bottom Feeder," college airplay in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico.

Set List

We cover The Pixies, Ween, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Johnny Cash. We have over thirty originals and can play 1-3 hours a night.