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Barnard & Brohm


Barnard and Brohm is THE Canadian duo on the rise - their music is as pure country as their hearts, and they wear both of 'em on their sleeves! If Jimmy Rogers and Hank Williams Jr. were a young duo today, they'd sound an awful lot like Barnard and Brohm!!



Country music has been described as the music of the people. It’s rootsy, humble and down to earth. What better way to also describe Barnard & Brohm. As Canada’s only Country male duo, Warren Barnard and Ian Brohm are riding high on the release of their debut album…“Barnard & Brohm and Then Some.” With over 50 Country radio stations across Canada playing Barnard & Brohm, it’s easy to see why this duo has much to look forward to.

“When we saw our single, “She Was Talkin’ ‘Bout You”, hit the Top 100 Canadian Country charts, it was a dream come true. We’ve waited a long time to put out this album and put it out right with some of Canada’s most talented musicians” said Brohm.

Influenced by such diverse artists as Ronnie Milsap and Alan Jackson, Barnard & Brohm bring a new sensibility to the traditional sounds of yesterday. Barnard & Brohm have performed with some of the most recognized names in Canadian country music like Gil Grand, John Landry and Jason McCoy, and some of the greats like Lorrie Morgan, Bill Anderson, Cal Smith and Gene Watson.

“Barnard & Brohm and Then Some”, produced by Nick Blagona, has six out of the 12 songs written by Barnard & Brohm. Writers such as Larry Wayne Clark, George Teren, Tim Buppert, Don Pfrimmer, Margot Glatt, and Aidan Mason penned the remaining tracks.

This independent release has already caught the ear of radio programmers, finding its way onto the charts in several major and secondary markets. “It’s just been amazing to watch our dreams become reality”. Barnard says, “…to go from words scratched down on paper to this is something we’ll always remember”.

Barnard and Brohm's list of nominations is growing! B&B received a nomination for Independent Country Album at the 2003 Canadian Independent Music Awards. In 2004, Barnard & Brohm was on the final ballot for the Ontario Country Music Awards in two categories - Rising Star and Group or Duo of the year. With a distribution agreement with Manitoba-based Sunshine Records, “Barnard and Brohm and Then Some” is now available nation-wide. With their CD across Canada, Barnard and Brohm are set to tour in early 2005.

Audiences at venues in Canada and the United States have already experienced the diversity of their unique material, which they deliver with the warmth, confidence and believability of the professionals that they are. Barnard & Brohm’s music runs the gamut from bittersweet love songs to sultry Spanish flavored ballads to charged up country rock, all this…And Then Some.


She Was Talkin’ About You

Written By: Aidan Mason / Margot Glatt

I’ve got a ring in my pocket
And I’m hoping it’s for you
It comes from a lady I truly loved
She loved me too
Mama gave it to me before she died
Made me promise there and then
That who ever wore her diamond ring I’d love until the end

I’ve got every reason to believe
She was talkin’ about you
After all the twists and turns and all I’ve learned
Suddenly I knew
From your first hello I never wanted to say goodbye.
I’ve got every reason to believe
She was talkin’ bout you

If she’s honest kind and caring
Gives you strength when you feel weak
That’s all that really matters
Beauties just skin deep
She said you’ll know when you’ll need her
Your heart will beat a million times
And everything your searching for you’ll find in her smile


Let me place this ring where it belongs
Where it’s meant to be
Say you’ll take this symbol of my love
And share your life with me
Repeat Chorus:

Bull Ride

Written By: Ian Brohm

Life can be short, it can be long,
You’re here today, and then you’re gone,
So hold tight with all your might
Everything that keeps you strong
Some day’s there’ll be pain
You might think it’s all in vain
When the clouds start rolling over
Be the thunder in the rain

Life is like a Bull Ride
Win lose or draw it’s alright
As long as you’re riding your not dying
If you fall off don’t think it’s over
Get back up dust off your drover
Don’t lay down there and let your life pass you by
You gotta get up boy and face life right in the eye

Reach for the moon and the star
Be proud of who you are
Some many try and knock you down
And say you won’t get far
Throw the gate, shoot for eight
Don’t you ever hesitate
To show ‘em what your made of
Be your own hand of fate

Life is what you make it
There ain’t no way to fake it
You will never know unless you try
When a dream burns deep inside
It’s up to you to dare to ride
Cause life ain’t lived if it just passes you by…

Repeat Chorus:


Singles released:
And Then Some / July 2001
Ain't Like Love / January 2002
Does It Make You Happy / August 2002
She Was Talkin' 'Bout You / August 2003
Getting Over Monday / May 2004
Bull Ride / October 2004

All singles received National charting airplay across Canada.

Full length CD released and distributed through Sunshine Records in January, 2004

Set List

And Them Some
Ain't Like love
Getting Over Monday
She Was Talkin' 'Bout You
Does It Make You Happy
A Reason
Keep On Lovin' You
Let Me Be The Other Man

Cover Tunes:
I Left Something Turned On At Home / Trace Adkins
Hello Honky Tonk / Mark Chesnutt
Pop A Top / Alan Jackson
I Want You Bad / Colin Raye
Places I've Never Been / Mark Wills
Good Day To Run / Darryl Worley
All I Ever Loved Was You / R. Scaggs, M. Raybon
Lucky Me Lonely You / Brooks & Dunn
T.R.O.U.B.L.E. / Travis Tritt
Do It Again / Jeff Carson
Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurtin' Me / R. Milsap
That's Where My Baby Feels At Home / G. Strait
Full Deck Of Cards / Rick Trevino