Baron Grod

Baron Grod

 Austin, Texas, USA

Baron Grod is a four piece post-metal/experimental rock band from Austin, Texas. Tagged as atmospheric and Pink Floyd in drop D, they are known for their fluent, seamless live shows and have shared bills with the oft-compared Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You and Stinking Lizaveta.


Formed in late 2007 by guitarist David Finner (formerly of the short-lived Austin band, Cardinale), bassist Lance Schibi and drummer Cody Schibi (identical twin brothers!), the three quickly recruited keyboardist Ryoko Minowa to complete the current lineup.

Live, the band entangles their sets to collectively infuse each song into a seamless, cohesive piece. Although each member love crowd banter and vocals, the band feels it's necessary to introduce the songs with instruments, feedback and the appropriate silence so that the listener can interpret the meaning of the performance on their own. Predominantly an instrumental band, Baron Grod are known to insert jarring, distorted screams and beautifully haunting vocal melodies when appropriate. But for the most part, the band plays like a soundtrack to a disturbingly addictive Kubrick film.

Baron Grod recorded their self-titled debut album in 2008 which was self-released the fall of 2008. The band was quickly recognized at the 2008-09 Austin Music Awards, having been voted Top 10 in the Best Metal, Experimental and Instrumental categories. They were again included in these categories in the 2009-10 Music Awards, this year making the Top 5 band in each category. Having plans to begin recording their sophomore album early 2011, there is no reason to think that Baron Grod will capture the top spots in each of these categories at future Austin Music Awards.

Baron Grod have shared the stage with bands such as Russian Circles, Bad Brains, Dub Trio, Burst, Dysrhythmia, This Will Destroy You, Stinking Lizaveta, Intronaut, Giant Squid and Big Business among hundreds of other acts.


Baron Grod LP (self titled)

Set List

With the Look of a Gentleman
Thousand Year Lament