Barons and Lengthy

Barons and Lengthy


"Ever get that feeling when you're at a show that you are excited to be there, but the band really is just going through the motions? I do, & it pisses me off. If you want to get the bad taste out of your mouth, check out an upcoming Barons & Lengthy show & you'll be cured" -


Since the Barons & Lengthy Project began in earnest in 2005 its four members (all born in 1985) have lived, performed, and recorded their own music together in Toronto ON. Their approach appeals to the functional goal of Rock & Roll - to provide a hall with loud, attractive, forward-moving music you can dance to. While this might sound more like an appeal to vintage tastes, Barons & Lengthy are also children of Punk Rock, the 80s, and the great Alternative artists of the 1990s. They have conceded to the Obviously Predestined Supremacy of the Guitar Riff and are aware that art, even conventional art like Rock & Roll, can roll forward or backwards and backwards is the direction of fatigue and novelty. Barons & Lengthy are as interested in Songs as they are Sound. The three members of the band that don't have drum sticks in their hands compose and sing their own work, which provides a sort of built-in variety. They are an "indie" band in so far as they have no money, are given no money, and work for very very little money and are thus very interested in making friends in the wider Canadian and US live music network. When asked, they call themselves a Rock & Roll band. Their shows can be characterized by a loud, fast musicality and are animated by a fan base that likes to dance, likes to drink, and admirably keeps pace with a band often seen as hyperactive. The band is currently writing and rehearsing material that will congeal into a full length LP in the coming year (following their three previous CD releases, two EPs and one full-length, all homemade).


Barons and Lengthy are pleased to have just returned from the studio with 3 new tracks released directly to the web. The new tracks are available to listen on our EPK and to download from our Myspace and website.

"The Exciting Barons and Lengthy" Single - January 2008

PRAISE FOR BARONS & LENGTHY''s "Who Killed Kaspar Hause (LP)", Self-Titled EP, and "Get Out Goddamn City EP"

1. "Who Killed Kaspar Hauser?" LP April 2006 Self-Released [Recorded Summer of 2005]

"What kind of band names an album after the mysterious life and murder of a feral child in 19th century Germany?"

– Wavelength Music Series + Zine, Toronto ON.

2. "Barons & Lengthy" Self-Titled EP June 2006 Self-Released

"A perfect mixture of gloriously ragged pop & teetering-on-the-edge-of-falling-apart vocals…arguably the best EP of the year…Assuming Barons & Lengthy don't suddenly throw themselves wholeheartedly into heroin-fuelled mediocrity, their [self-titled] EP is probably the first blast of great music from a band that should produce a lot more of it, and it only makes sense to start listening to them now, before everyone else in the world is doing it, too."

- i(heart)

"Energy…Barons & Lengthy are just getting started."

- Minor Attack Weblog

3. "Get Out Goddamn City" EP March 2007 Self-Released

"The best five bucks you'll spend on music this year….There will be many venues around the GTA filled with young people dancing to this addictive guitar work."


"A fun fusion of danceable music…the four chic boys behind the tunes are obviously fans of good old rock'n'roll and it seems like they are honing a sound that the young kids could swing to while out gallivanting at night."

-Jasmyn Burke, Exclaim Magazine

"Astonishingly, Barons & Lengthy may be better this time around…B&L have shown for the second time that they're the most promising band in Canada, and, consequently, Get Out Goddamn City is definitely an EP that should be heard (and owned) by lots and lots of people."

- i(heart)

Set List

Typically 45-50 min

Wheel and Deal
Rome is in the Valley
Fire at the Uptown
The And To If The What I Heard
The Bright Street Hustle
Big Brown Tiger
The Moving Song
Pressure Drop