Barra Head

Barra Head


Complex rythmic patterns effortlessly interact with more simple passages, quiet introvert melodies fuse with sudden explosions of noise as political lyrics become existential statements. It doesnÂ’t fit any genre. It is complex in its composition, its rhythm, its poetry and its melody.


Since the formation in the early 90's, Barra Head have dedicated their work to defining a sound, a lyrical landscape and a genre all of which are unique to the band. Standing on the shoulders of giants such as The Who and The Clash in terms of drive, Fugazi and At The Drive-In in terms of energy, and Police and The Pixies when it comes to dynamic virtuosity, Barra Head has the ability to capture the listener's attention from the moment the very first chord is struck.

However, the thing that is Barra Head goes beyond the sum total of it's initial sources of inspiration and has a sound all of it's own. The fact that the three musicians have stuck together since they first took up their respective instruments is evident in the band's highly personal, uncompromising style. Having ignored the confinements of genres and shifting trends, the band members have instead chosen to focus on progression, exploration and publication of the music on their own premises. The result is a highly competent take on the classic trio-format, which the band masters to the extent of perfection. Complex rhythmical structures interweave with minimalist passages while simple, beautiful melodies transform into an explosive, emotional climax. This is the effect of Barra Head's songs, when they are given the time to blossom in the consciousness of the attentive listener.

Barra Head's songs are permeated with a vibrant emotional nerve and marked by a lyrical presence brought forth by the unique tone and integrity of the vocals. Like the music itself, the lyrics and vocals go straight to the point. Devoid of heavy ornamentation, vocal make-up and pretentious ramblings, the songs register and dissect the world up close with no patience for giddiness or deviations.

Barra Head is the epitome of a live band and the concerts are seen as a welcome occasion to reinterpret and evolve the recorded material. Barra Head has criss-crossed Europe numerous times playing more than 150 shows in eighteen different countries sharing stage with legendary acts including Fugazi, The Ex, Karate and many others.

Barra Head played the Roskilde Festival in 2001 and 2006, the Norwegian By:Larm Festival in 2002, the SPOT Festival in 2005 and was awarded the prize as best live act by the audience at the legendary VERA venue in Groningen, The Netherlands, two years in a row in 2001 and 2002. The show at the SPOT Festival sparked the following round of praise from Denmark's largest music magazine, GAFFA:

"Jesus Christ, their sound was something else! A heavy, saturated soundscape created by the bassist's rumbling and roaring play, which, combined with the drumming, made up the perfect foundation for the delicate guitar sound. Actually, this may very well have been the tightest live act I've ever experienced." GAFFA

Barra Head's debut album, Songs and Departures, was released on Danish independent record label, Play/Rec, in the fall of 2001. The Arrival EP was released in May 2004 on CD and in a 12" vinyl split edition with label-mates, Menfolk. On October 11, 2004, Barra Head's second full-length, entitled We Are Your Numbers, was finally released. The album instantly gained critical acclaim in Danish press, which described it as follows:

"We Are Your Numbers is an outstanding album from the most interesting band in Denmark right now" UNDERTONER

"They have the ability to oscillate between the intimate and the explosive without it ever seeming forced or out-of-place. Barra Head is one of the most authentic acts to have come from a rich and blossoming underground in a long time" CITADEL

"Variations, musical mastery and vigor make We Are Your Numbers a very successful album indeed. Standards are high throughout the album, 'cause Barra Head know where they're going and how to get there" SOUNDVENUE

"For sure one the most interesting bands on the danish underground scene" POLITIKEN

The album was released in Scandinavia by Play/Rec/VME, in Germany by Sinnbus/Alive, in England by Errol/Cargo, and in Benelux by Zabel/Konkurrent.

The release was followed by a long list of tours throughout Europe and the Balkans. In November Barra Head developed a new live show concept. With label mates and friends in the Danish band Lack they did a 2 week sold out tour with a double show concept where both bands where on the stage at the same time playing along on each others songs, taking over parts and interpreting each others material. What a way to end the hectic touring with the material from We Are Your Numbers.


New Album out February 2008!
album-producer Tim O'Heir (Dinosaur Jr., Radio 4 etc.)

Play/Rec Five Years
Compilation 2006
With Lack, Menfolk, The Unit, Mount Eerie a.o.
Released by: Play/Rec

7" single 2006
Released by: Play/Rec

We Are Your Numbers
CD/LP Album 2004
Released by: Play/Rec, Sinnbus, Errol, Stickfigure, Zabel, Konkurrent

CDEP 2004
Released by: Play/Rec

12" Split EP with Menfolk
Released by: Play/Rec

Songs And Departures
CD/LP Album 2001
Released by: Play/Rec, Scenepolice (RIP)

FFA Compilation
Compilation 2001
With The Van Pelt, Abilene, Ricaine, The Low Frequency in Stereo a.o.
Released by: Zerobros