Barrel Proof

Barrel Proof


108 Proof Rock N' Roll.


200% pure grain Rock-N-Roll. Distilled from choice ingredients of pride, persona, and emotional realism. Then bottled for your audible pleasure. With an eclectic style of writing we hope to push a button on everyone. From Rock to Country, with Blues pumping deep Southern rhythms, you're guaranteed to find an experience equal to the finest shine the hills have to offer.

We are music for the moment, a straight up and on-the-rocks band with one goal; to please you. You are the diesel fuel that keeps this (bowtie) rollin'. So all in favor, pour one more and board the hellbound hillbilly express. Just remember to buckle up, grab a glass, push the gas, and refuse the Breathalyzer. Welcome to the wildest ride this side of the Applachia's.


A Cold Day In Hell, EP
Brittney's Song, single

Set List

set list #2, est. running time 1hr 30min
( *=covers)
1. Lonesome Drunk Blues
2. Southern Moonshine
3. Fortune Frown
4. Bonedry
5. Live to Ride
6. In the Pines*
7. Brittney's Song
8. A Cold day In Hell
9. Swamp Song
10. Glory Hallelujah*
12. Muddy Riverside