The Barrett Anderson Band

The Barrett Anderson Band

 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Hypnotic modern blues grooves fueled by vintage Soul and Rock & Roll.


Fronted by Boston-based blue singer/guitarist, the award winning Barrett Anderson Band packs a mesmerizing, backbeat-heavy, hypno-boogie punch.  The Barrett Anderson Band has learned from, and played with, the very best in the music world, and provides a unique voice, one equally informed by classic blues, soul, and rock & roll. 

Winner, Boston Music Awards, 2013 Blues Artist of the Year.

"He can pick in the subdued, lyrical style of Ronnie Earl, or burn with the dynamics of a true rocker."
     -Steve Morse, former staff critic of the Boston Globe for 28 years who now teaches Rock History at Berklee College of Music

"He may have shared the stage with great bluesmen, but when fronting his own band and playing his own music he is his own man."
     -Georgetown Fats, editor, Boston Blues Society

"He's just a wizard on the guitar."
     -Ronnie Earl,  interviewed by Brian Owens, Metronome Magazine

"Tomorrow Morning and Emma Lee, from the new CD, really set me and the crowd on fire.  This is cool music from a great band."
     -AJ Wachtell, The Noise Magazine

 "Barrett Anderson's roots explorations are full of true to the heart playing."
     -Ted Drozdowski, music critic.

An award-winning band comprised of 
Barrett: Vocals & Guitar
Jamie "Black Cat Bone" Hatch: Bass
Doug MacLeod: Drums

Barrett - A 17 year veteran of the scene, Barrett cut his teeth by playing with members of Muddy Waters' 1970s band, Pinetop Perkins & Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin, in the late 90's.  Following that, he spent a combined 6 years in the internationally-acclaimed blues bands Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters and The Monster Mike Welch Band.  Barrett recorded his first recording (with neo-swing legend Jimbo Mathus producing) in North Mississippi in 2007.  He returned to his native New England and quickly enlisted some of the world's heaviest blues musicians - Ron Levy (organist for Albert King, BB King, Roomful of Blues, and countless more) and Per Hanson (drummers for Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Jimmy Rogers, David Maxwell, and more).  In 2013 Barrett's second album, The Long Fall, was released (produced by Cambridge's roots-rock king Dennis Brennan, and featuring the legendary organ trio lineup he had been working with all across new england ), and Barrett won a highly prestigious Boston Music Award, 2013 Blues Artist of the Year.

Jamie "Black Cat Bone" Hatch - A reformed guitarist, bassist Jamie Hatch brings the low end to the foreront.  His playing is big, full, and driving; he is a master at propelling the music forward, whether through playing hard or laying back.  Bringing a more jazz/free-oriented aesthetic to the band, Jamie "Black Cat Bone" is an integral voice to The Barrett Anderson Band, and is the sole voice for the unique, sub-100 hz. frequencies you hear on stage.

Doug MacLeod - The man who keeps the rhythm moving and the beat grooving, Doug MacLeod provides the central heartbeat for The Barrett Anderson Band.  His sense of  beat is funky and driving, equally informed by dual-drummer lineups such as The Grateful Dead & The Allman Brothers Band, and solo drum masters "Zigaboo" Modeliste, Al Jackson Jr., and Levon Helm, Doug brings a rocking' back beat groove that makes hips sway and feet tap.


"The Long Fall," 2013, Barrett Anderson

"I'll Be Dreaming of Boston," 2009, Samantha Farrell

"All the Way Down," 2007, Barrett Anderson

"Adding Insight to Injury," 2004, "Monster" Mike Welch Band

Set List

2 75-min sets of original and vintage blues and rock & roll