Barrett Martin Group

Barrett Martin Group


The Barrett Martin Group is led by drummer, composer, ethnomusicologist Barrett Martin, and is a fusion blend of jazz and funk mixed with African, Brazilian, and Cuban rhythms. There is a focus on strong melody and jazz improvisation, supported by hypnotic, powerful rhythms from around the globe


Barrett Martin is an American drummer/composer/ethnomusicologist who played with several prominent rock and jazz groups during the alternative music explosion of the 1990's, including Skin Yard, The Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Tuatara and REM. He was also a session musician in Los Angeles and has played on or produced over 70 albums to date, including 4 solo albums and numerous film soundtracks. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in anthropology and music and has traveled the world extensively, doing musical research and ethnomusicology projects in several different cultures around the world, including the Garifuna drummers of Belize, Wolof drummers of Senegal, Ewe drummers of Ghana, Santeria drum priests of Cuba, Candomble drum priests of Brazil, the singing Shipibo shamans of the Peruvian Amazon, and other recording projects in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Jerusalem. In 2002 he founded the world music label, Fast Horse Music, which focuses on World Music, Jazz and Fusion hybrids of experimental forms. Barrett has been interviewed by such media outlets as NPR’s “All Things Considered”, Rolling Stone, Spin, and many other magazines, newspapers, and Internet websites.


2004 - The Painted Desert
2006 - Earthspeaker
2009 - Zenga
2010 - Skyline

Set List

We can play a short opening set or headline an evening. We have also played up to three one hour sets of original music in the past.