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"Concert for Leukemia Research"

Care Package Benefit Concert for Leukemia Research

Five Indie Artists; One Great Cause

Saturday, July 16, 2005
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Admission: $12.00

100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia Research Foundation!

Show your support for a great cause!
Free Giveaways:
-- CDs
-- Stickers
-- Door Prizes
Meet the Artists -- including
Naperville Singer-Songwriter Queenie

CHAD ERIC is a delightfully eccentric activist songwriter and devoted father working on a second self-released album quirkily entitled Taking Tea With Elephants. Chad was one of the founders of Care Package, helping to screen MP3 submissions for the Care Package CD. He connects with his fans on a personal level through his conscientious music, which he hopes will send a healing message to his listeners. He is looking forward to sampling sushi at Naperville's best Japanese restaurants.

BARRIE Z. was named after a famous French dancer, Barrie Chaise, who danced with Fred Astaire. Her socially aware music is similar to Joan Baez, but her background is that of a concert pianist. As the original founder of Care Package, Barrie balances the administration of several websites and innumerable music projects with being a full-time mom. "Social and political issues and world peace are themes that largely dominate my music. It's just something that happened for me naturally. Perhaps as a mother, I felt the need to secure a better world for my children's future."

JORDAN WHITE is the classic picture of a starving artist college student. He writes acoustic alternative folk music in the vein of the Smashing Pumpkins. Jordan's song “Baby's Breath” was chosen for the Care Package CD because of his signature sensitive approach to lyrics combined with catchy melody. He sings and plays acoustic and electric guitar. He is currently
working on releasing MP3s online after extensive tours with the band Black
& White Letters across the East Coast.

Chad Eric Barrie Z. Jordan

Kaya Black Queenie

KAYA BLACK is a singer-songwriter (originally from Kingston, Jamaica, and now a resident of Florida). Black, at 26 years old, has already produced an original CD, Bent and Broken. He is influenced by many performers from Bob Marley to Rob Thomas. Utilizing his own knowledge of pro audio, Kaya has attracted hip hop producer/engineer Gregg Browne and Ray Ubilies. He is working on his second self-release, aptly titled Chapter II.

QUEENIE is a Naperville-based piano teacher who has a double life as a singer-songwriter. Known as the Gothic Enya, her ethereal New Age music
continues to top charts all over the globe. A classically trained musician, Queenie plays piano, guitar, and bass; she is best known, however, for her angelic voice.

Queenie has donated most of the profit from her CD QUEENIE to charities like Women for Women International, the Wellness House, and other charities that primarily benefit women and children. In 2004, Queenie co-founded a recording label with fellow singer-songwriter Frances Mai-Ling called East West Now. The East West Now label is the country's first hapa Asian-American music label devoted to the promotion, production, and distribution of half-Asian artists.

After receiving her first ever offer for representation from a "feeder" label in 2005, Queenie chose to remain independent. She is currently scoring an independent film and working with several Indie collaborators. She is in post-production on her second CD, the highly-anticipated album,
Dream of Flight.

Please email or call Brookdale Music 630-983-5100 to reserve your spot. Advanced reservations are highly recommended. If you need any additional information, please call Brookdale Music at 630 983-5100.

PDF for flyer
- Brookdale Music, Chicago

"Review of Concert 1"

Dear Barrie:

Thanks for such a nice message.

I am glad to help you any time. You are doing it for a great cause. Above all, it is music. How many people in this world can sing - that too sing well.
You are spreading a good message through your talent. You have the power to reach the depth of the herats of the sensible and caring.
Please keep doing it. You make a tremendous impact in the society. I am writer. I enjoy writing stories, poetry and popular science stuff.
I try to reach a very minor fraction of the society. That is enough to bring a good impact.

Again, please let me know whenever you need any help.
Also, thanks for the CD. I am looking forward.
Take care.
- Dr. Pariandy

"Review from Unicef"

(read more from the Care Package Website,

Dear Barrie,

UNICEF would like to thank you once again for your generous donation in the wake of the Tsunami Emergency. Without the dedication and compassion of people such as yourself, our work would surely prove impossible. Attached is a six month Tsunami update from our President, Charles Lyons.

Thank you again!

Michael J. Burlingame
Ambassador Program and Special Events
U.S. Fund for UNICEF

For every child
Health, Education, Equality, Protection
- Unicef Ambassidor

"Lake Forest Radio"

HI Barrie,

First of all I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. My name is Tom Race with Lake FX Radio - Muskegon Community College in Muskegon MI. Chad Eric sent me an email to your web site to go and check your music out. Very Wonderful !!! I would really like to play it on our station, If you could send your mp3. to that would be great and I will put them on in high rotation especially your christmas song. If you could send a cd and a poster with your autograph on it, we will hang it on our wall of fame .

Thank you and take care
Tom race
Lake FX Radio
Muskegon Community College
- Tom Race, DJ

"Review of Interesting Performer and Genre"

Monday, July 16, 2007

Review of an interesting Genre and performer.
Category: Music

As one artist friend of mine once said; "You can't create something because you want everyone's approval, you create because it's in you, let the crowd figure it out afterwards." After digesting his rare words of wisdom I realized that a true appreciation of an art form is looking outside of your own paradigms to see deeper and differently. Isn't that art? Well, Barrie & Company is definitely artsy. The music is, at it's mildest, whimsical and at it's strongest will leave you guessing where the next note is coming from. I don't normally go for Folk music but I have occasioned it and I must imagine that Barrie and Company exhibits the form in an extreme for the genre. The playing and mixing are professional and entertaining and shows that these are folks that have a talent. I must say that the lead vocal has an interesting range that, if put to the test, is capable of hitting anything be it a soothing swoon or a nerve jolting screech. Trust me, it's in there! I see possibilities here that, if explored, could result in a dazzling career in Hollywood creating soundtracks for the movie industry. Look at the credit roll for this name.

2:40 PM - 4 Comments - 2 Kudos - Add Comment

- Jake

"Barrie and Company"

Music Interview: Barrie and Company

Published: April 04, 2007 10:01 PM EST
By: Isaac Joseph Davis Junior

Barrie and Company brings something back to the music industry: creativity and originality. I had the pleasure to to do an on line interview with Barrie and Company and found out some cool things about Barrie. Check it out:

Music Now: When and how did you first become interested in music? How long have you been playing music?
Barrie and Company: I became interested in playing the piano at a very early age. My mother was a pianist and I would often hear her playing piano at night after I was tucked into bed. Ironically, years later, when I was a teenager, by ear I started playing a lot of standards from the 1930's to 1950's that I used to hear her practicing. Then she would say... "Play your own music and stop copying me!" But really, she gave me a good ear for improvising and playing jazzy standards on the piano.

Music Now: What are your musical influences?
Barrie and Company: My early influences were mostly classical works and jazz standards. My upbringing by my mother was somewhat isolated musically. She loved an album by Paul McCartney that was entitled "Redrose Speedway", I believe, and I remember having to listen to that album a million times over and over on trips and in the house. She was also a huge fan of Tom Jones, so we did have some fun too! I was a young girl in the 1960's, thus I'm admitting my age here. In those years, we had a huge 8 track cassette recorder in the car. It is amazing how far music electronics has come! Thank goodness, my aunt and uncle started giving me other albums for presents. I became interested in The Moody Blues, The Who, Carole King and Elton John. In fact, I wanted to grow up to be a female version of a singer/songwriter/pianist just like Elton John. In my freshman year of college, I auditioned for a publisher in New York. He said I sounded like Carole King and I was thrilled! These days I like just about a bit of all genres across the spectrum.

Music Now: Does anyone in your family play music?
Barrie and Company: My one daughter is an incredible young clarinetist who has been winning a lot of performance awards here in Columbus, Ohio. She will be a student at The Interlochen Academy of the Arts this summer. My oldest daughter trains in vocal performance.

Music Now: When you are making music, describe how you are feeling?
Barrie and Company: Songwriting can be an awesome experience. Sometimes you don't know where an idea came from as if it was pulled from thin air. Other times when writing, a secret about you is exposed to the world that you really did not want to tell anyone and then you feel very vulnerable, especially if a line in a lyric is going to raise question or get you in trouble. Hehehe... well, hopefully not too much trouble. Thus, I guess there is this vulnerable and secretive side of me that occasionally does get exposed in an original lyric. I love performing as a singer/songwriter/pianist... just absolutely love it. There is a part of me that becomes alive in front of an audience that does not always get conveyed in a recording. Also, there is this huge intellectual/emotional connection that takes place when performing originals that can be overpowering.

Music Now: Why did you write or decide to play any of your songs?
Barrie and Company: I wrote my first song in the 7th grade for a music class I was in. From that day forward, I was hooked on writing and performing originals. These days I feel that my music songwriting is divided so to speak. There is part of me that has been writing music for politics, world peace and social and environmental reform all of which I strongly believe in. Then there is the part of me that says... "You better try to write a hit song that will sell if you don't want to starve!" Ah, well...
Music Now: Why did you choose to play this kind of music?
Barrie and Company: I think my music varies in genre, but in general lyric writing, performing and recording is just a part of my soul. At this point it's not a choice, just something I do because I love it.

Music Now: What do you feel is missing in the music industry today?
Barrie and Company: In my opinion, there is a lot missing... Okay, I don't personally have satellite radio or a huge amount of time to surf the Internet, but I feel that the main radio stations that I turn on in my car should support more independent artists and bands... We don't always have a million dollars for a radio campaign, but geez... we have a lot to offer in terms of lyrics and new sounds. Years ago I got a bit tired of writing yet another "love or pop song"... I feel that the industry needs to be more open to lyrics with intellect and "punch" if you know what I mean.

I also feel that independent artists need more guidance and investor options in general. For example, I have visions in my own mind of how I want my ultimate stage show to look. My visions are too large... I want a small orchestra, one that rocks... Well, where do we start? I don't have the funding for where I want to be and some of the musicians that I've worked with are "tired" of the local cafe scene for small performance.

Music Now: Do you feel like you are a role model to others?
Barrie and Company: I've spoken a number of times for local high school classes where I've been invited to speak. I truly hope that I am an inspiration for young songwriters and performing musicians.

Music Now: What keeps you going even when times you feel like giving up? Barrie and Company: We all go through feeling like giving up on our musical dreams from time to time as independent artists. I have a close music friend who has a huge on line fan base and even he has given up on doing music as his career from time to time. You need to have friends who think like YOU. I have helped him get back on track when he has been frustrated and at his all time lows and he has done the same for me. Every fan letter means a lot to me! I proudly display them on my website. They are my inspiration to continue as well as letters from organizations such as Unicef thanking me for my work on a music project.

Music Now: What are some of the big projects you are working on?
Barrie and Company: I was lucky enough to have a studio engineer/producer contact me regarding writing and singing a vocal track for a character in the series of books "A Song of Ice and Fire" by author George R.R. Martin. I will be the voice of Daenerys, a major character. This was a very tough project for me as there are three books in the series, each of which is about 1,000 pages. I had to really read her chapters and become close to her character to be able to write the lyric and portray the part. I've been pitching songs through arselect on the Internet and I am writing another album addressing the upcoming election... this country is going to need some help to turn things around for the better!!

Music Now: What can we expect from you in the next several years?
Barrie and Company: If I still have a chance, I would like to tour more getting outside of Central Ohio. We'll see... all kinds of ideas are floating around upstairs in my head. It's just a matter of materializing them. I also wrote a song years ago that I thought would make a great musical, but I didn't have a complete storyline for a show. Now I do have that storyline... it's all a matter of getting it down on paper and a demo for representation. Then it's a matter of finding an investor.

Music Now: Any new releases, updates, or anything else you would like to tell our audience?
Barrie and Company: Well, I have MP3's out there on the Internet in a number of places... if you would like to e-mail me you can do so through or at I always love to hear from people. Also, I test out demos from time to time on my sites just for fun, so stop by and you may catch a glimpse of something you haven't heard before.

Thanks for this great Spotlight

Photo used in this story was provided by Barrie and Company



New Album is in progress of recording at Earthwork Recording, Newark, Ohio. The recording will be produced by Tom Atha, Aaron Basheera and Barrie Z. All songs are written by Barrie. This recording is bound to compete with major label productions when finished.

New releases include "Season of Giving" a full album holiday release and "Living On Borrowed Time", an album addressing the Middle East Conflict.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Barrie is currently recording a new album at Earthwork Recording Studio in Newark, Ohio. New MP3's from the album are not yet posted, but they are rocking and loaded with meaningful lyrics!

June 2007 Notification:
Barrie also just received 3rd Place in the Unisong 11th Annual International Songwriting Contest for the category Broadway/Caberet. Be sure to check out the song "Signed at Ninety Two" on their website!

Barrie and Company

Barrie and Company represent creativity unbridled. “I vary between soft acoustic folk/piano and voice and orchestrated contemporary new age to adult contemporary soft rock,” says Barrie Zweier of Barrie and Company. The eager and talented mind behind Barrie and Company reaches out to find influences in a broad spectrum and bring them together marvelously in a sound that reveals a well-rounded repertoire of musical knowledge, driven by the talent to make it all work.

The Palette

For Barrie and Company, songwriting is more than just scratching down some lyrics and hammering out some music. “I think of 'creating' music like being a visual artist with a palette. For me, a lot of creative colors and emotions come together to create a track.” This thoughtful and matured view perhaps reveals why Barry Co. proffers music with ideas that resonate throughout layers of depth and perception, so to speak. It also reflects the fact that music for this artist is a bursting forth of inner passions that coalesce into aural brilliancy when exposed to the light of day. “Music is a wonderful creative outlet and there is no other feeling on earth for me like it.”


What began for Zweier as Internet performances under the name Barrie Z has become a path of musical glory for this up-and-comer. She garnered fans on the Web and has begun doing so on stage as well. Every performance translates into a bigger fan base; what else is there to say? Her music is not easily ignored, anymore than she can deny her urges to write and sing. “Creating and performing music is not something that a true musician can just 'give up' when the creativity is inside of you and music seems to 'be' your soul.” Her urge has led her to a number of projects. For two years from 2004 to 2006 she was the head of Care Package, a coordination in which 12 indie artists helped raise money for tsunami relief. She has nabbed two Billboard Songwriting Certificates and shares a Prism Award with singer-songwriter Anita Kronk. Her song “America is One” was accepted into the National Archive for the 911 Memorial Foundation. Zweier has scored an independent film - “Magic or Reality” - and was the featured artist for an international symposium. Besides Zweier's work under the Barrie and Company moniker, “my classical piano skills have been in demand recently,” she says. “I will be accompanying a young, talented clarinet player in the Columbus Symphony Orchestra's Young Artist Competition.” She also has hopes on completing an in-the-works album for a near-future release. She is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Barrie and Company's music is pure joy for the ears.” - A&R Select