Barron S

Barron S


Barron S' signature sound is dark, dance rock fusion. Music from her debut album "Startin' From Scratch" sounds like a cross between The Cranberries and Garbage after 20 cups of coffee.


Barron S started singing in a kitchen; recording vocals through a cut up pair of panty hose into a $30 dollar microphone…it was a humbling beginning. Born and raised in small town Nova Scotia, Barron was always inspired by music, yet intimidated to consider herself a singer.

“I was born into a very musical family, my grandfather could play multiple instruments by ear, and my brother and sister were always strong singers; practically born harmonizing! Music didn’t come that naturally to me, and for years I thought it couldn’t really be taught, you either had it or you didn’t.”

So instead of competing with the natural talent that ran in her family she decided to express her passion for music by studying dance. Barron enrolled in an intensive training program at a local dance studio and soon found that anytime she wasn’t at school, she was in the dance studio. After graduating from high school Barron moved across the country to Vancouver, British Columbia to attend Simon Fraser University’s acclaimed modern dance program.

“I wanted to dance in a company and SFU seemed to be breading very strong and talented dancers. It especially interested me because their dance program was part of the university; therefore it was not only training the dancer’s body, but also training the mind. I remember one day in the studio after running this infuriating routine over and over again, one of my teachers stopped the group and singled me out, she said ‘it’s easier if you work harder’. To this day her words still push me.”

As Barron was nearing graduation she became involved in a number of pre-professional dance groups and began looking into a variety of company options in both Canada and the U.S. She was well on her way when she became a victim in a high velocity impact car accident, in one life changing moment she suffered career ending injuries. The accident led her into a downward spiral of weight gain and depression which pulled her further and further from her performance career.

“I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when you hit a wall, a point where something that is so important to you just seems to go ‘splat’ all over the place. At this point lots of people turn around and go back the way they came. It took me a while to put myself back together after my car accident, but once I had, the first thing I wanted to do was to keep going towards my performance dream…and see what was so great that it had to be hidden behind that wall.”

Barron wasn’t physically able to dance professionally anymore, so she started to take vocal lessons as an artistic outlet. Next to her siblings she had previously felt inadequate as a singer, but after being injured she took her athletic, dancers work ethic into voice lessons. She practiced and trained until one day she felt a light switch turn on inside her.

“Each class I got a disk from my voice teacher of our lessons. One day I went to practice at home and I heard a different girl on the c.d. I thought, by accident, he had given me someone else’s disk. I stopped, listened carefully and then realized it was actually me…and I sounded good! It was then that I understood that you really can have anything you want if you are willing to work for it.”

Barron S has been writing and recording her own original material for the past four years. Hip hop artists the Sketch Bros described her as “one of Canada’s hardest working artists. In one year Barron S accomplishes what most artists achieve in four”.

Her music has been described as a cross between The Cranberries and Garbage, after 20 cups of coffee. Her style crosses genres, but her signature sound is dark, dance rock fusion. Her album takes the listener on a ride, as each song is truly unique from the next. Some tracks include metal-like instrumentation with funky dance beats, while others are more classic sounding acoustic guitar based.

“Barron S uses captivating lyrics and catchy melodies to attract a variety of audience members. She is truly a talent to be reckoned with”

–Jesse Day (Show promoter for SPM Music)

Her debut album ‘Startin’ from Scratch’, will be released Spring 2008. Barron S is also scheduled for an upcoming Canadian tour in the Fall of 2008. The tour will be packaged as a fundraiser and aimed towards schools, music based organizations and local community groups.

Watch out for her first music video “More Than You’re In For” to be released summer 2008.


This Time Around

Written By: Barron S

This time around I think I've got my head on straight
experience behind me, I anticipate...
This time around I feel a change inside of me, I can't expect you to understand what you can't see.
This time around I don't remember how it was, the time before or anything that came before us.

But it won't be easy, and I never said it would be so don't say I did.

Next time around I don't know what I'll place above, they say you must make sacrifices for what you love.
This time around I don't know what else I could do, I'd change my life before I'd give it all to you.

But it won't be easy, and I never said it would be so don't say I did.
You'd be safer to assume that you'll be on my mind, for a good long while and every time I think of you I'll smile...but I wanna cry at the same time.

But I wanna cry at the same time...
Makin' me smile and then makin' me cry and all at the same time

(repeat chorus)


Startin' From Scratch (LP) - Released Spring 2008
Featured on the Sketch Bros sophomore album - to be released Summer 2008

Set List

Typical sets are aprox 20 - 30 min in length and are primarily composed of original material that will keep the audience on their feet. Some covers can be integrated upon request.