Barry Canning

Barry Canning


Award winning singer/songwriter has classifed his music as Progressive, Acoustic based Pop Rock . Often compared to the stylistic sounds of John Mayer wrapped in the vocal styling of Billy Joel, Canning's powerful voice will send goosebumps up and down your skin.


October 3, 2003 marks the official release of Newfoundland singer/songwriter Barry Canning's sophomore album "Last Man Standing". Produced by Great Big Sea frontman, multiple ECMA winner, and Juno nominee Alan Doyle, this new album from Canning defines a true evolution in his songwriting artistry. Canning, nominated for Best Pop/RocK Artist at last year's ECMA awards, stuck close to home and recorded this album at Great Big Studio, in St. John's.

Last Man Standing features 11 new acoustic driven pop/rock songs that will put Canning in the category where he belongs, as one of the best emerging singer/songwriters on Canada's east coast. The album also has guest appearances by Paul Lamb and Cory Tetford of ¡°Crush¡±, and Chris Ledrew of "Brother's in Stereo".

The first single and title track "Last Man Standing", was written by Canning and Doyle, is set to be released to radio on September 10, 2003, and features guest appearances by Doyle, as well as Paul Lamb and Cory Tetford of Crush.

Last Man Standing was mixed by Vic Florencia ( Amanada Marshall, Puentes Brothers, Danko Jones, Damhnait Doyle) at Iguana Studio in Toronto, and mastered by Joe Lambert ( Jon Bon Jovi, Shawn Colvin, R. Kelly) at Classic Sound in New York City.

Barry says that "making this record was very exciting, especially working with Alan Doyle. I needed someone to take me to a new level for this record, and Alan helped me do that with his experience and non-stop energy. Musically this album is much more focused, and I believe captures the soul of what I want to be as a songwriter and as a musician".

Since the highly successful release of "Soul Parade" in 2001, Canning has won numerous awards and has gone on to share the stage with many artists including Daniel Lanois, Ron Sexsmith, Jimmy Rankin, Bruce Guthro, Our Lady Peace, Crush, Great Big Sea and America to name a few.



Written By: B.Canning

B. Canning 2003 SOCAN

Love doesn’t go crazy it never settles a score
It never says it leaving, never asks for anything more
There’s no room for blaming When its you walking out the door

Stars would fall on Alabama if I found you waiting there
Here I’m standing in an empty field knowing you are somewhere out there
Doesn’t matter where I find you
Alabama would do

Love doesn’t go looking, it never fades away
It would never leave you broken, leave you standing in the rain
But I stood there soakin When you said you couldn’t stay


You said love needs some time It needs some space
But it was you who left without a trace, emptied this place
Yes I am sure it was you

There’s no room for blaming
It wasn’t love that went through that door


Drums & percussion- Kris Macfarlane
Bass- Glenn Parsons
Acoustic Guitar- Barry Canning
Classical guitar- Paul Lamb
Piano & Rhodes- Paul Kinsman
Baritone guitar- Mark Bishop
Background Vocal- Michelle Doyle

Your Eyes

Written By: B.Canning/C. Ledrew

Your Eyes
(Barry Canning/ Chris Ledrew)
2003 SOCAN

For a long time I’ve been ridin on a lonesome train
Destinations of lonely stations, and lovers with no last names
Out of nowhere, you were right there Was it destiny?
On that same train, in that same pain Staring right at me


Your eyes your eyes, let me into your very soul
I wouldn’t bother you unless I was meant to go
To my surprise theres no where else that I want to be
I wouldn’t bother you unless you were meant for me

For a short while, we just sat there talking about the past
Who we’d seen and, where we’d been, and dreams that did not last
Sympathizing, realizing experiences we shared
The engines died down at the next town and we disappeared


Drums & Percussion- Greg Burt
Bass- Glenn Parsons
Acoustic and Electric Guitars- Chris Ledrew
Piano and Hammond Organ- Paul Kinsman
Glockenspiel- Bill Brennan
Background Vocals- Barry Canning, Chris ledrew

Last Man Standing

Written By: Barry Canning / Alan Doyle)

Last Man Standing
(Barry Canning / Alan Doyle)
2003 SOCAN
Skinner's Hill Music Ltd

Never thought of surrender. Never felt like standing down
Met my share of contenders, but I had to hold my ground
So many saw me sinking under So many swore I’d quit the fight
But I haven’t lost the hunger In the end I will survive

I’ll be the Last Man Standing
I won’t crumble, I won’t bend
I’ll be the Last Man Standing in the end.

I was not the only one to take this winding road
Driving down a dreamer’s path, Fools in search of gold
All the times when we were younger Never knew a single night alone
Never thought those days were numbered I guess I’ll have to make it on my own


So many leave the circus
When the best is left to see
I haven’t heard the chorus
I haven’t seen the best of me
You haven’t seen the best of me

So many saw me sinking under So many swore I’d quit the fight
But I haven’t lost the hunger In the end I will survive


Drums & Percussion- Kris Macfarlane
Bass- Murray Foster
Acoustic Guitars- Barry Canning, Alan Doyle
Electric Guitars- Chris Ledrew
Hammond Organ- Paul Kinsman
Background Vocals- Alan Doyle, Cory Tetford, Paul Lamb


2003- Last Man Standing
2001- Sould Parade

Set List

Depending on the venue and audience our set list is comprised of 75% originals and 25% covers. Set times vary from 2- 45 min sets to one 2 hour set.