Barry Finnimore

Barry Finnimore


I started writing my own tunes at the age of 16 because I was terrible at covers!
My songwriting is influenced by Bob Dylan, Richard Ashcroft and the Stones and my style is acoustic/folksy/rock.
I've been told by reviewers that I'm reminiscent of Echo and the Bunnymen and The Violent Femmes.


Singer/Songwriter Indie, folk/rock- Dublin

I've always been interested in music: I've played saxophone, guitar and bass since my teenage years and performed in various bands at school.

I had to give up on the cover versions after complaints from the neighbours (it says a lot when they would complain about me, even though you could hear my dad playing Frank Zappa two streets away), so I started writing and recording my own songs instead.

When it comes to songwriting I admire and am influenced by Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Richard Ashcroft.
My songs are mainly acoustic with an indie/folksy/rock edge.

In 2011 I made a New Years resolution to record an album. Due to flooding in my apartment (aaah, the Winter of 2010/2011!) and a subsequent move from Donegal to Dublin, it was summer 2011 before recording commenced.

Early demos of my songs have drawn comparisons to Echo and the Bunnymen and also The Violent Femmes.

From a live aspect, I love the energy of the White Stripes, Foo Fighters and again, the Stones.
In the last couple of years I've been singing and playing solo at bars and open-mic nights including the International Bar, Dublin and Murphy's Bar, Salou.
During my live sets I am sometimes supported by backing vocalist and percussionist/shaker-maker Hazel.

I will be spending my time gigging in Dublin to promote my debut album prior to it's release in Autumn 2012. (Dates to be confirmed).