Barry Goldstein

Barry Goldstein

 Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

The Heart Codes is up for your Consideration for Best New Age Instrumental CD in the 56th Grammy Award. Utilizing specific tunings and BPM to assist the listener in reaching a state of relaxation effortlessly and to tap into the beauty and coherence held in the heart...Enjoy in our audio Section!


Barry Goldstein Bio

Barry Goldstein’s musical experience spans many styles and genres including co-producing the Grammy Award winning track " 69 Freedom special with Les Paul for Best Rock Instrumental in 2005 to sharing his relaxation series “Ambiology.” He also works with The Monroe Institute (which studies brain balance)-utilizing music. This series is being used globally, as well as individually in hospitals, hospices, wellness centers, veterinary medicine, and individual medical practices. Barry presents the latest musical studies at Grand Rounds at medical schools and lectures for medical conferences providing valuable information on utilizing music as medicine.

Barry has worked with N.Y. Times Best Selling Authors including: Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Shirley Maclaine, and Neale Donald Walsh, incorporating music as a tool to enhance their work and relax their audiences. Barry’s music has been selected by Duke University to study the effects of music in the first of its kind online music study.

About "The Heart Codes"

The Heart Codes is beautiful and powerful…nourishment for the soul, through the heart. Wow!
- Gregg Braden ,
NY Times Bestselling author

Have you forgotten how to remember? The Heart Codes is a ground breaking new CD Utilizing Triple Number Frequencies that takes you on a powerful, journey back to your heart. The heart's intelligence is a knowing without knowing...much different than the mind's intelligence. It is time to come home to your heart…

The first track, Attune and Align assists in taking you back to certain aspects within your self such as: Surrender, Safety, Self Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Truth.

The second track is a musical anointing and activation that assists you in moving forward utilizing your heart's powerful intelligence and sharing your gifts with the world! Each musical piece is one half an hour and they meld together for a seamless one-hour tapestry of music, sound and vibration.

The Heart Codes also embody a unique tuning that accesses Triple number frequencies. Have you ever woken up at 444 or seen 333 on a license plate several times in a day? I am sure you have your own triple number story...These numbers are a way of getting our attention; there is an alignment occurring at that moment. During this alignment, it is a perfect time to set an intention for yourself.

Why wait for this to occurrence to happen when you can access these Triple Number Frequencies through the groundbreaking music of "The Heart Codes". The Heart Codes is embedded with original and unique sounds, otherworldly textures, heart expanding melodies and of course the amazing tones and frequencies. It is composed at the tempo of your heart at a relaxed state. This allows you to re-entrain to your own Unique Vibrational Heart Code and come back to the remembrance of who you truly are without illusion.

If you have enjoyed the Grammy Award winning productions of Barry Goldstein you will enjoy this new musical evolution which is perfect for meditation, relaxation, transformation and inspiration.” The Heart Codes”'s time to remember!


The Moment
There's an Angel Watching You
Element 5
The Heart
The Breath
The Journey
Les Paul and Friends
Many More....

Set List

Opening Ambient Music from the heart

Set 1

I Feel You
Shores of love
Just be luv
The Moment
Let it Go

Set 2

Angel of New Orleans
Waking Up
Through The Eyes of God