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Barry Huffine


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Written By: Barry Huffine

Verse 1:

You came in this mornin,
and my eyes were open wide,
never felt, such a feelin,
my hopes for love were alive,


You got tell me somethin ,
how you feel deep inside,
this life i'm livin for you,
don't take all my pride,
my heart is throbin for you,
and all my fears steps aside


Krazy for your lovin,
Krazy for your touchin,
Krazy.....the way you make me feel,
Krazy for your lovin,
Krazy for your touchin,
Krazy.....the feeling is so unreal

Verse 2:
Now i dont wanna pass,
this chance with you at last,
You can't keep me guessin,
this love from you such a blessin,

(Bridge repeats)
(Chorus repeats)

The only one I live for is you,
stop foolin around and just live with the truth,
searchin for someone to share my view,
now that i found it, i know its you


Written By: Barry Huffine


Show me the way of a new kind of livin,
Stand strong and play the part that your given,
All the stars in the sky are shinin bright,
Throw your hands in the air if you're feelin alright.


You know its what you want in your life,
you know its what you need to get it right,
Empower yourself and your mind,
its what you want, its what you need, its what you feel.


(what you want, what you need, lift you up, set you free){Repeat 3X}

Verse 2:

Let me tell you about a place in your mind,
where hope and love come out to shine,
there's a power in you, you're not on your own,
start taking charge before ya hit the danger zone....

(chorus background)


Dont you worry about all the things you cant face,
Tommorrow is a brand, brand new day,
there is a time to mend it and do things right,
Get it together and see a different light