Barry Ingle

Barry Ingle


SkyCity - Austin-based trio of piano, bass ,and drums. The lyrical images created by singer/piano player, Barry Ingle mesh effortlessly with the jazz-rock fusion sounds of bass-player Mario Castellan and drummer, Marty Higman.


Influenced by the lyrics of the Appalachians, Barry Ingle offers a unique new sound, one free of traditional piano structures, emerging through exploration rather than recitation. The lyrics, voice, and instrumentation are inseparable.He has over a decade’s experience playing and gigging, is self-taught and has been influenced by Jim Croce, Kate Bush, The Smiths, Mozart and Chopin.
He is an innovative piano player and composer of powerful lyrical imagery, himself.

Mario Castellano - A jazz, Rn’B, and funk bass guitarist and composer. He has played mostly at jazz clubs such as La Cave in Newport Beach, CA, Jupiter's in Berkeley, CA, The Last Day Saloon in San Francisco, CA, and the Catamaran in San Diego, CA.
He has 22 years experience playing and gigging. His influences are Jaco Pastorius, the Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire and Stevie Wonder.
Mario has studied with Mike Corneilson and Vernon Porter. He is currently studying with Baba Elephant.
Mario is from Huntington Beach, CA and currently resides in Austin, TX.

Marty Higman - A fusion, jazz, progressive drummer and composer. He has performed at the Atlantis Music Conference and Berklee College of Music several times. Has also played venues all along the East Coast - Recorded with Everlasting Earle (rock band), Barney's Jive Band (jam band),
The House Experiment (fusion band), Springs Eternal (rock band), Deadwood (metal band) and numerous singer/ songwriters. Marty has also have recorded his own material.


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Written By: Barry Ingle

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milk and honey

Written By: Barry Ingle

I hear you're busy with your man of money
did you forget about the milk and honey
and could you forget about me
sitting alone with a hateful telephone that never rings

I never thought that I could be your best one
'till you said you fell in love with someone
well I sort of thought it was me
but leave it to the greatest fool to use his eyes and never see

I guess I'd better give up on winning
but what's so bad 'bout the way I'm living
well everybody's sorry for me
but I'll remember your eyes
I swear I'll find my sweetness

So what's it like to play the ticking time-bomb
Gotta get serious before I waste what's left of your spring
Do pretty girls start using pretty right around seventeen?

I guess I'd better give up on winning....

I hear your busy with your matrimony
guess you forgot about the milk and honey
I guess you forgot about me
Sitting at home in a robe still writing...

I guess I'd better give up on winning
But what's so great 'bout the way he's living
Well everybody's sorry for me
But don't you feel sorry for me

'cause everybody's sorry but me...
I'll remember your eyes - I swear I'll find...I'll find
I'll always remember your eyes
I swear I'll find....
My Sweetness


Written By: Barry Ingle

jealous women take hostages and they won't release you 'till they're good and ready. I played everything I made and then some - I paid everything again.

your car pulls off I let you think I'm asleep. you'll come home tonight and I won't be here. gotta sell my things today - maybe I'll write you a note. by noon I'm on the open road back home.

jealous women...

'hope I don't feel this way for long. I could never hurt someone I love. bet I'm not the first to learn - you were just someone who would. I won't forget until this hurt is done

jealous women....

maybe this time is just something I lost. it got so back I gave up and crawled. but i found a hiding place - somewhere where you never looked - it's deep inside this broken open heart

jealous women take hostages and they won't release you till they're good and ready. I played everything I made and then some - I paid everything again


Monastery (1999)
Way the Other Way (2006)

Set List

Set list is all originals
Generally 2 hour play-time
List of songs:
mexico snow
old chicago
ugly world
fire code
trading up
southern belle
lostus seed
little temple
apple trees and honey bees
revolution song
milk and honey
way the other way
mother's day
miss anna
fishing net
tractor beams
sweet tooth
virginia, virginia
queen of the underground
enough, cha cha cha
what you wish for
saxon pub