Barry James

Barry James


Emotive rock with electronic elements. Neil Young with loops. Ranging from poetic acoustic ditties to guitar-screaming rock, the music has a kind of inviting bipolar pop quality.


If anyone is poised to inject new life into the ambient sound it is Barry James. His work in music is genre-spanning and continues to evolve as he seeks out new projects and creates new challenges for himself. James is heavily involved in exploring the push and pull between music and images. Among his recent projects is the score for the short film, The Human Condition, which debuted at independent film festivals in April 2008. James is also responsible for the infectious theme to and overall musical signature of the ironic and entertaining webisode comedy, Crewing Up.


Morning Song

Written By: Barry James

Morning song
Paper masks
Little trees
9 a.m.
Closets full
Of mourners still
Reaching out

I want to be
Bright as
Washed out from the
Lights still shining
Reaching out

Never fading
Standing still
Sleek and beautiful

Gut Hook

Written By: Barry James

Say the words to me
And show me how you feel
Say the word to
Take her down

Take the words
Into your room
Say the words and
Taste what we will

We’ll take you there
We’ll take you there
Don’t worry dear, we’re taking you first

Say the words to me
And reap the fruits of how you feel
Say those words but
Don’t stall you'll be sorry

Let it out
Your heart beats faster
Hands above, bound
Let out this little world

Let go what we want
Let go what we believe
Let go what we feel
Let go . . .

hey, hey


Music for the film 'The Human Condition' (composer, Spring 2008)

Barry James (eponymous EP, Spring 2007)

Previous releases and projects:

Affirming the Consequent:
'The Hell Chart' (lead/rhythm guitar and songwriter, Spring 2007)

Red Badge Moment:

- Until You Fall EP (2002)
- Silver EP (2000)
- Terra Incognita EP (1998)

The Sunflower Conspiracy:

- Dewdrop Records' compilation 'Splashed with many a Speck' (1998)
- There's Always an Ending Before a Beginning (1997)
- Silver Satin Grey (1996)

Improvisational projects/collaborations released on Aether/OR Records:

- In the Summer of the Mushroom Honey (1998)
- Waters of Life (1998)

Set List

It's very important for me to tailor a set list to the performance and venue. If the club and context of a show permits I mix my louder electronic rock in with quieter songwriting material, as well some instrumentals. As for covers, I play songs by U2, The Beatles, The Cure, Sam Philips - often older classic songs that allow me to mix in my own style but connect with the audience with a recognizable hook.