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"Guitar-driven dream rock"

Mesmerizing and ambient rock/pop newage writing, with an easy flowing instrumental touch is what's in store in artist Barry James (McCabe's) musical project Red Badge Moment. Courage is what you'll fine as McCabe performed, wrote, and recorded the four song CD titled, "Terra Incognita" - and each song, averaging nearly six minutes, lives a life of it's own as McCabe combines concise and emotional lyrical performances with keyboard and guitar loops that combine air and layers to send the listener into Red Badge bliss. The opening track, "Happy Airports", uses a delayed and arpeggiated guitar line to ease us into this journey, and when Barry enters with this tremendous vocal interpretation of his own song, the sincerity bleeds forth with music that forces one to sway and yearn for a resolution to the heartfelt pain, numbness, and anguish delivered within this song, 'why should I trust, you don't trust me, what good does this do?' Tremendous artistic achievement. The long mp3'd track, "Lost Highway", potentially a David Lynch inspired composition, moves with waves as guitar layers move into what seems like space - but is representative of that long lost highway that seems to go on forever - and musically, this song goes on forever - but to the delight of the ear as McCabe morphs the chord progressions into each other, with the touch that the Edge of U2 would be proud of. Guitars blur together to create an atmosphere of wonder. The other two tracks, "Under Water.. " and "Flow" have equal impact - and the entire record, all four songs of it, move like a musical on stage - dramatic and real. Great record. -


Music for the film 'The Human Condition' (composer, Spring 2008)

Barry James (eponymous EP, Spring 2007)

Previous releases and projects:

Affirming the Consequent:
'The Hell Chart' (lead/rhythm guitar and songwriter, Spring 2007)

Red Badge Moment:

- Until You Fall EP (2002)
- Silver EP (2000)
- Terra Incognita EP (1998)

The Sunflower Conspiracy:

- Dewdrop Records' compilation 'Splashed with many a Speck' (1998)
- There's Always an Ending Before a Beginning (1997)
- Silver Satin Grey (1996)

Improvisational projects/collaborations released on Aether/OR Records:

- In the Summer of the Mushroom Honey (1998)
- Waters of Life (1998)



If anyone is poised to inject new life into the ambient sound it is Barry James. His work in music is genre-spanning and continues to evolve as he seeks out new projects and creates new challenges for himself. James is heavily involved in exploring the push and pull between music and images. Among his recent projects is the score for the short film, The Human Condition, which debuted at independent film festivals in April 2008. James is also responsible for the infectious theme to and overall musical signature of the ironic and entertaining webisode comedy, Crewing Up.