Barry Kaufman

Barry Kaufman

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

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Americans Idle

Written By: Barry Kaufman

Do you know where he comes from
it's in black and white
Who won the big game
Did you watch it last night
Just keep on watchin'
So you don't have to know what is real

You got fifty-two inches
see your prophets of doom
They'll keep you warm
in your little glass room
Just repeat what they tell ya
then you will believe it's all true

Americans Idle
not heard and not seen
Yout lifeblood plasma flowin'
into your HD screen
Americans so idle
if God could only see
He'd take that vacant stare
and make you care
For truth and liberty

Take a look at the people
they're all on Facebook
You can see how they act
you can see how they look
Then once you've seen 'em
you hope that you don't look like them

Go to church every Sunday
and read the good book
So you know how to act
and you know how to look
Seek forgiveness from heaven
but who on earth will forgive you

Americans Idle
not heard and not seen
You sacrifice your brotherhood
for dividends of green
Americans so idle
if God could only see
What you do in his name
how you use his fame
For your celebrity

Something's growin' inside you
but not where it should
You can pray all you want
it won't do any good
You thought Jesus would hear ya
Where you're going
rest assured
you've been heard