Barry Mc Cabe

Barry Mc Cabe


Barry Mc Cabe: mixing Celtic music and Blues for the first time to create a new sound in music - "Rockin' Blues with a Celtic twist!


Perhaps we should let the facts speak for themselves.

Barry Mc Cabe comes from Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland but has travelled all over the world to bring his music to the people. He has been working extensively on the European mainland over the past ten years and has also toured in such far away lands as Egypt and the US.

Barry's music can best be described as rock & blues with a Celtic twist!

Barry collaborated with Davy Spillane to release the critically acclaimed CD "The Peace Within". This was the birth of Celtic-Blues. Davy Spillane is the well-known uilleann pipe player who played in Riverdance. He has also played with Bryan Adams, Van Morrison, Chris Rea and many others.

Barry played support to Rory Gallagher on his last European tour, which included the Paradiso club (where part of the Rolling Stones "Stripped" CD was recorded).

He appeared last summer with Status Quo & ZZ Top at the Montereau Festival in Paris, France.

He also headlined the Waterpop Festival in Holland for 20,000 people.

Mick Taylor (former Rolling Stone guitarist) was Barry's 'special guest' for the release party for the "Beyond The Tears"? CD.

Barry's own composition "In The Dead Of Night"? [Beyond The Tears] hit the no. 1 spot on the US charts as voted by the radio listeners. "Johnny Nobody" off the same album was voted into the top 25 by student radio in the US.

Barry's composition "One Of These Days" [The Peace Within] was voted one of the top six blues songs in the world by the Backas Jazz Society in Helsinki, Finland in 2006.

Barry's version of the Fred James song "Full Moon On Main Street" [Absolutely Live Vol. 1] won the Sheheshe Music Award in 2005.

Last Spring Barry undertook an extensive tour of the Netherlands - playing 12 concerts in 12 days in all the 12 provinces. This was to help raise money for the "War Child" charity. Since then he has continued to collaborate with "War Child" on several other projects. He has also worked for the following charity organisations; The Irish Youth Foundation (IYF) and the Red Cross.

Barry has played on festivals/clubs with Status Quo, ZZ Top, Molly Hatchett, Mick Taylor (ex-Rolling Stone), Walter Trout, Stan Webb, Rory Gallagher, Dr. Feelgood, Roy Rogers, Canned Heat, Ten Years After and The Sweet to name but a few. Barry's music has been played on radio stations in Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Australia, Japan, France, Spain, Finland, Ireland and the UK and is currently being played on over 250 stations in the US as we speak.

Barry's follow up CD to "The Peace Within" is called "Beyond The Tears". It features special guests: Mark Feltham on harmonica (Rory Gallagher Band), Johnny Fean on guitar (Horslips) and Pat Mc Manus on guitar (Mama's Boys & Celtus).

Barry sums it up quite simply - "I grew up in a small town and dreamed that one day I'd be in a music group, travelling all over the world and reaching people through my music. It's a dream that has come true many times over!"


Lonely Road

Written By: Barry Mc Cabe

Lonely Road

Time, it slips away
And before you know
The years have all passed you by
What have you got to show
Some lines on your face
And a sadness in your eyes
Yes, it’s been a long
Oh, it’s been a long
Long, long lonely road

The people that you used to know
Caught up in a dead end dream
Well the lovers have all come and gone
They helped you make a fleeting team
Yesterday’s friends
But it’s too late to make amends
Yes, it’s been a long
Oh, it’s been a long
Long, long lonely road


So here I sit again
With an empty bottle in my hand
And closing time has come around
But no one here can understand
The pain of being lonely
Or the price that I’ve sometimes paid
Yes, it’s been a long
Oh, it’s been a long, long lonely road

I’ve slept out underneath the moon
I even wished upon a falling star
I broke so many man made rules
I can’t remember what they were
People always saying
You’re headed for doom
But I never ever, ever thought
That it’d come my way so soon
I’m headed for failure
No happiness
Here I am, walkin’ down this lonely road
Seems my life has been a constant mess
Yes, it’s been a long
Oh, it’s been a long
Long, long lonely road.

In The Dead Of Night

Written By: Barry Mc Cabe

In The Dead of Night

I love it and I hate it
But I can’t seem to let it go.
It seems with every passing day
My indecision grows.
Building up inside me
Welling up like a dam.

If I had took another road
I might have got home faster.
If I had missed the things I did
Would that have spelled disaster?
It’s hard to know what’s wrong or right
In the dead of night.


I though I saw a vision
Might just have been my mind.
Playin’ another trick on me
Like it does all the time.
Can someone tell me what is right?
In the dead of night.

And if the walls come tumblin’ down
Then who is to blame?
Should we take it seriously
Or is it all a game?
What you see is what you get
Or depends on where you stand.

Outro solo


Written By: Barry Mc Cabe

Rollin’ (featuring MARK FELTHAM on harmonica)

Only the lonely,
Walk the streets on New Year’s day.
All the others have a warm place to stay.
Every face it tells a story
Every teardrop hides a smile.

A fool with easy money, he is a fool indeed
And there is no bigger pain
Than a foolish friend in need.
Even a fool can be right one time
If he just says nothing’ at all.

Guitar Solo

When the world it makes perfect sense
That’s when your heart is full of innocence.
Now the head knows
What the heart can’t understand.

So when those tears, they come tumblin’ down
Are they tears, of a fool or of a clown.
There’s a price you have to pay
When the boy becomes a man.

Ain’t it funny, how time slips away
And Y.O.U., not I.O.U. is the price I had to pay.
T.I.M.E. – can mean a lot of different things.

Harmonica solo


The Peace Within (CD)
Absolutely Live Vol. 1 (CD)
Absolutely Live Vol. 2 (CD)
Everybody's Got The Blues [Live in Norway] (CD)
C'Est La Vie [Live in France] (CD)
For Fans Only [Live in Sweden] (CD)
High-School Queenie (45" single) Out of stock!
Too Late Now/Alberta (45" single) Out of stock!

Set List

A standard set consists of material from all releases - from the Rory Gallagher sounding power blues-rock of Barry's Albatross days, to material from "The Peace Within" CD [ the first in the "Celtic-Blues" style in collaboration with Davy Spillane] through to his most recent work "Beyond The Tears".

There is a short acoustic section in the middle of the show - consisting of acoustic guitar & vocals and accordion.

Bands and artists who have influenced Barry.

Rory Gallagher
Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac)
Thin Lizzy
Moving Hearts (feat. Davy Spillane)
A lot of Southern Rock bands
Status Quo
Jackson Browne
Bruce Springsteen
A lot of blues artists
Stevie Ray Vaughan

Barry's music has been described as - Rory Gallagher meets Riverdance and -'s as if Thin Lizzy walked onto the Braveheart film set.

Both of those descriptions are close enough to the truth.

If you really want to know what the show is like then it's best if you either book him or go see a