Barry Michael

Barry Michael

 Stockbridge, Georgia, USA

Barry Michael is a rising star who is taking the world of country music by storm. He is an avid supporter of the armed forces, both past and present. With a high energy sound and inspirational lyrics, Barry is entertaining fans nationwide!


Barry Michael began his love of music and performing at a young age, singing on a Saturday morning show in Atlanta alongside his father. This was the mere beginning of what would eventually become a successful and promising musical career.

After a small stint exploring the world of comedy, Barry began to realize how comfortable he was on stage entertaining people. Barry recognized that entertaining people on a comedic level was not so different from entertaining people on a musical level. Barry soon after enrolled in the Atlanta Broadcast Institute. After graduating in 1997, Barry joined Atlanta’s BBS Television Station, giving him the opportunity to write, produce, act, and sing on his very own sports show.

Barry’s newfound experience and confidence in performing and stage presence led him back into music. As front man for the Christian band “Alteration”, Barry was given the opportunity to write and perform his own music. This proved to be a great chance for Barry’s talent to be showcased. “Alteration” produced two CDs, with the second being a great success. One of the tracks in particular, “Undeniably You”, was featured in the film “The Forbidden Truth”.

Barry’s involvement in “Alteration” gained him great popularity in the Atlanta area creating the opportunity for him to meet Richard Chatham, the Executive Producer of Stockbridge Records. Impressed by Barry’s talent and charm, Richard signed Barry to Stockbridge Records shortly after their meeting. Appointments were immediately made for Barry to train with “top industry” vocal coach, Jan Smith. In January of 2009 Stockbridge Records released Barry’s debut album “Ripped Blue Jeans & ATV’s”.

In August 2010 Barry teamed up with Health Net, Inc. to honor and support service members, Veterans, and their families. A key focus of the Health Net/Barry Michael partnership is to increase awareness and encourage use of behavioral health services, including reintegration support and family counseling. Our joint message is simple: “You are not alone. If you need it, call in support.”

Barry is currently presenting his Heroes and Angels Tour sponsored by Health Net.

Barry’s hit single “Heroes and Angels” can be downloaded exclusively through the Health Net site at



Written By: Barry Michael and Jeff Wanex

Gettin up while it’s still dark, trying to get me a head start.
Bass fishin on a pond in Lyons, a stringer full most of the time
Back home just in time to eat. Cream and syrup on a biscuit sure is sweet
Put on my cap and right back out the door when I was a country boy

Pre chorus------
I watched my daddy work it every day. Nothing ever tough enough to stand in his way

Now Im a countryman everyday I take a stand
in my ripped blue jeans on my atv my family’s counting on me
Im a countryman, man of steel, I been roughed up and I’m tough as nails
Bullet proof, I’ve been set free. You don’t want to mess with me, I’m a countryman
Doin the best I can

I used to wanna ride the ole John Deere, wishin I could rope a steer.
spent some time camouflaged in a tree stand, wishin I could own the land.
wondered how all the work got done. I was trying to have some fun
Back when life was full of joy, when I was a country boy

Last pre chorus---
Now I’m the daddy whose workin every day, I can’t let anything stand in my way

Letters From Jail

Written By: Barry Michael, Corey Barker, and Travis Goodwin

Phone call came in from the county jail. My daddy’s back again.
He wasn’t calling me to make his bail. He just said don’t give up on him.
All these years of dancing around the truth he’d finally come to realize.
That he hadn’t been the dad I needed him to be and he was sorry for the lies.

Pre chorus------
I want him to know that he’s forgiven and I’m trying hard to understand.

How do I rebuild a bridge that was never really there
How do I restore a love for a man who never cared
Where do I begin to find a place within my heart for a stranger who tore mine apart.
It’s hard to be a father through the mail. Love gets lost in letters from jail

I can’t understand why he’s still doing this. Why can’t he just say no?
Another birthday’s gone by that he’s missed. That makes 15 in a row.

Uncountrify Me

Written By: Barry Michael and Corey Barker

Tell me to clean up and I won’t complain. Give me a curfew and I won’t say a thing
But I’m here to warn you and you best believe that you won’t uncountrify me
Tell me I’m wrong and I bet you’ll win. Ask me to open up and I’ll let you in
I’ll comb my hair and I’ll change my briefs but you won’t uncountrify me

Cause I am who I am, that’s all that I can be
I like campin, fishing, frog gigging, and huntin from a tree
I’ve been known to go cow tippin while howlin at the moon
Then lay out in a lawn chair on a nascar afternoon
I like gravy on my biscuits with a heap of butter beans
You may take me to the city but you won’t uncountrify me

I don’t mean to hurt you but I love my roots
I’m just not me without these boots
I’ll bend over backwards for all you need
But you won’t uncountrify me

Cause I am who I am, that’s all that I can be
I like campin, fishing, frog gigging, and huntin from a tree
I’ve been known to go cow tippin while howlin at the moon
Then lay out in a lawn chair on a nascar afternoon
I like gravy on my biscuits with a pile of black eyed peas
You may take me to the city but you won’t uncountrify me

I like ridin in my truck sippin sweetened, sun maid tea
You may take me to the city but you can’t uncountrify
Yeah sure I think your pretty but that don’t uncountrify
Your lovin’s got me giddy but you won’t uncountrify me

Grace Like God

Written By: Barry Michael and Corey Barker

You hurt me and I’ll never be the same
I Been round and round inside my mind in search of who’s to blame
You’ve broken my faith in who we are
Now your beggin for forgiveness and I don’t know where to start

Baby I don’t have the power to forget about the pain
I’m not strong enough to find shelter from the shame
Of seeing someone else’s arms wrapped around the one I love
There’s no mercy in this heart pierced by the damage you have done
So I’m praying for the one thing I have not grace like God

Does it haunt you leaving innocence behind
While I was waiting for a fairytale forever lost in time
Was it worth it? Did he give you what you missed?
I’d love to just move on but it all comes down to this

It’s gonna take at least a couple of miracles at best
To find the strength to surrender and lay these demons down to rest.

I need grace from above. I can only use Gods love to forgive you, to move on
I need grace cause you hurt me

Hotter Than A Tiki Torch

Written By: Barry Michael and Corey Barker

She wakes up in the morning and don’t need a thing
At the end of the day she’s fine as can be
My temperature rises at the sound of her name
All I can do is pray for rain
She’s bad to the bone every man’s dream
got it goin on if you know what I mean

she’s a smoking, blazing, ball of fire, every move she makes the flames get higher
got a shake in her walk that makes me melt, the coolest burn I’ve ever felt
the closer I get the more my heart gets scorched
yeah she lights my candle she’s hotter than a tiki torch

she crawls off a lounge chair smokin in the sand
if your sittin close by your gonna need a big fan
got a heat index of 102
add 20 degrees if she’s lookin at you
she’s lava rollin down the mountainside
with nothing but ashes trailing behind

radiatin, she’s mesmerizin, captivatin, tantalizin

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Written By: Barry Michael

I had to of been about ten when my granddad took me fishin
2 hours on the lake we had nothing to show
It was then that he turned around, sat his fishing pole down and said
Should I stay or should I go
I was 17 at a high school party, this little voice kept saying just say no
But there were girls there and they had to many, they asked me if I wanted any
Should I stay or should I go

If I stay then I’d get to see the way it would end up to be
If I go maybe I’ll know. Time just might show
Should I stay or should I go. Should I stay or should I go

I remember getting married, having babies and working like crazy
Different directions we would go
But right now I’m sittin on a bar stool contemplating leaving you
Should I stay or should I go

Maybe one day I’ll get to see all my mistakes turn into good memories

Should I stay or should I go
I just talked to you on the phone and you said you didn’t care if I ever came home
I need to know
Should I stay or should I go

Back Home

Written By: Barry Michael

I’m the one under the gun, most of the time I’m havin fun
everything usually comes real easy to me.
I got friends that call every once in a while and others that we talk like it’s going out of style.
I never worry about much my spirit is free.
It all started when I was one week old. I was laid on an alter for the world to know
My old man and my preacher man were the same. Yeah but
My home life was no fairytale. It was me Deanna and my sister Michelle
gettin fed the word of truth every day.

Back home is where the chance was givin to me.
I go back to get where I can clearly see.
But every time that I get lost I crawl back on my hands and knees
Back home where I need to be.

My momma was a typical preacher’s wife, prayin her way through struggles and strife.
Tryin the best she could to pass it my way.
I played football, baseball, tennis, and golf and every time I got the chance I’d get lost
Runnin from my dad and what he had to say
And When I moved out everything got bad, struggling between sin and God.
There wad’nt no sense in me acting that way,
Cause I was in church every time the door was cracked even though I sat way back in the back.
They tried to teach me but I learned the hard way.
This is my life, there’s no need to explain
I’ve made my decisions. I’m living with the pain.
When I look back on all the things I’ve tried
I’m surprised I’m still alive.

Freight Train

Written By: Barry Michael and Corey Barker

I hear the sound of a freight train rollin through my dreams
It’s full of yesterday’s baggage and chasing after me
No matter where I turn I can smell that engine burn

I keep a runnin from that freight train trying to escape my past
But the smoke clouds up my future and the freedom doesn’t last
Somebody tell me how I can turn this thing around

Cause there’s a chain around my neck and the weight of this worlds on my back
Memories and regrets that set my mind off track
So many things I need to unload to give myself some peace
Cause I know if I don’t that train’s gonna roll all over me

I’ve been stuck at this station in Atlanta praying that the phone will ring
Staring at the stranger in the mirror. I miss the man he used to be
I can’t even count the mistakes that brought me to this place

I’ve got to get my feet back on the ground
I can’t let my burdens drag me down

The Man I Wanna Be

Written By: Barry Michael and Corey Barker

I wanna be the kinda guy that you call when things get tight
When the odds have got you up against the wall
I wanna be the kinda man your not ashamed to call your friend
The one you know will catch you when you fall
I wanna help my children grow, teach em all they need to know
Give em faith to keep em strong
I wanna be the one they say, does everything the right way
Only ends up places I belong

I wanna see the stars shine in the eyes of those around me
I wanna feel the sweet grace of the good lord surround me
I wanna be everything to everyone what ever they need
One day I’ll grow into the man I wanna be

I wanna give a pure love one that’s always strong enough
To pull my family through the toughest days
I wanna live a full life be a hero to my wife
Let her know that she’s my saving grace
I wanna make my momma smile I wanna go the extra mile
To make sure that nobody feels alone
I wanna glow on the inside let the good book be my guide
Be a light house til the angel takes me home

I’ve left a troubled passed behind me
I’m making changes for the best
Until I top this hill I’m climbing
I pray that God won’t let me rest

Meant To Turn You On Not Crack You Up

Written By: Barry Michael and Corey Barker

I meant to make you dinner but I burned the steak
So I booked a restaurant but we got there late
So we both had to settle for some curley fries
Extra value menu at least it was super sized

I meant to turn you on not crack you up
I wish I knew just what it took to fill your loving cup
I wanted to put my moves on ya but im fresh outta luck
I meant to turn you on not crack you up

I meant to light the candles when the curtains caught fire
when I tried to put it out I tripped on some speaker wire
I thought I’d make it better with a sexy dance
When I did my one two step I ripped my pants

I put my arm around you and poked you in the eye
I went in for a kiss and my bad breath made you cry
I turned down the bed and we were almost there
Until you got a glance at my ole holy underwear



Written by Barry Michael and Jeff Wanex

Letters From Jail
Written by Barry Michael, Corey Barker, and Travis Goodwin

Uncountrify Me
Written by Barry Michael and Corey Barker

Grace Like God
Written by Barry Michael and Corey Barker

Hotter Than A Tiki Torch
Written by Barry Michael and Corey Barker

Should I Stay or Should I Go
Written By Barry Michael

Back Home
Written by Barry Michael

Freight Train
Written by Barry Michael and Corey Barker

The Man I Wanna Be
Written by Barry Michael and Corey Barker

Meant to Turn You On Not crack You Up
Written by Barry Michael and Corey Barker

Heroes & Angels
Written by Barry Michael and Corey Barker

Uncountrify Me
Written by Barry Michael and Corey Barker

Heroes and Angels
Written by Barry Michael

Set List

Sets are normally anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Barry performancs a very large variety of cover songs, as well as his original hits.