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Abilene, Texas, United States | SELF

Abilene, Texas, United States | SELF
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"The Sound Of Music"

The sound of music
Forum relates music to relationships
Laura Acuff, Staff Writer
Issue date: 2/27/08 Section: News

Local music artists joined Students' Association president Matt
Worthington and Don McLaughlin, author and minister from
North Atlanta Church of Christ, Monday night in the Williams
Performing Arts Center to discuss connections between modern
music and relationships.
Barry Smith, hip hop urban gospel artist and DJ for Abilene
Christian radio station KGNZ, performed, followed by alternative
Christian group Look to the Sky before Worthington, senior
English major from San Antonio, and McLaughlin led the small
crowd in conversational discussion.
"Words are very powerful symbols, and all of this music we've
been listening to tonight is filled with words that are very strong
symbols, and they communicate to us McLaughlin said in his
opening remarks. McLaughlin said these messages are drilled into
people, serving as discouraging or encouraging
Speakers carefully distinguished between the messages of secular and Christian music throughout the
"So much of our music reflects back to me, only those things that I care about already." McLaughlin said.
"That's part of what we want to demonstrate tonight - the wonder and the beauty and the diversity that
comes when we share this music."
On the topic of minimal student participation at Monday's event, Worthington said he still saw value in
meeting with those who did attend but encouraged better attendance at similar events in the future.
"Obviously, having an opportunity to sit down and dialogue with a guy like Don [McLaughlin], I think it's
a fantastic thing," Worthington said. "A lot of people don't know who he is. I just
became familiar with him in the past year or so, but I've definitely learned a lot from him so far. Just
because you
don't necessarily know who somebody is doesn't mean you can just back out of it or say, 'ah, I'm not going
to go to that one.' I definitely think that any opportunity is an opportunity you should take."
E-mail Acuff at: optimist@acu.edu
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"Get Ready For B-Ready"

Big things are in store for Barry Smith and B-ready ministries. For musicians, the time is right to be a part of this ministry at the beginning stages. To find out more, read on…

The Time is Now… So B-Ready

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For the first time in his life, Abilene Christian University senior D.Jay Wells is preparing to lay down a track in a music studio. Strumming his guitar, D.Jay says, “I’ve been singing all my life” and explains how he “Taught” and is “Still teaching” himself to play.

D.Jay, with sophomore friend Demarco Howard, are attempting to record some songs they created and find themselves in Heavens Sound Studio in Clyde, Texas.

Heavens Sound, a place where new artists can get their start, and a place with big plans for the future.

Heavens Sound Studio is a vision that has come to life for Barry Smith. Smith, also the President and CEO of B-Ready ministries and Kingdom Music Production, is himself an artist. He has produced his own album, “Souled Out” and is working on a new project called “Evolutionary”. Smith is shopping his new project to record labels in hopes of securing a deal.

But regardless, Smith is going full force into the world to spread the Word of God to as many as possible. He works as a DJ for KGNZ and is trying to launch a two-hour Black Gospel show that will feature traditional gospel music, as well as R&B and Christian Rap.

“Having a record deal would allow us to so much more,” says Smith. With a deal in place, B-Ready ministries would have the capitol to buy a radio station, expand artist development and advertise in more areas. Smith believes having his own studio should be appealing to the labels, because they wouldn’t have to pay for studio time and they would be able to get projects done faster. The studio could also be an asset to the labels because musicians in the surrounding areas could record locally instead of going to the larger cities. Smith says it’s a win win for each side.

All in all the future looks bright for Barry Smith and all the people involved in this ministry. So be prepared to see and hear more from Barry, or better yet…B-Ready.

To contact Heavens Sound Studio:
310 N 1st Clyde, Texas
- FJHughes

"Apollo Night"

Essence of Ebony sponsors Apollo night
Essence of Ebony will sponsor Apollo Night at the Bean Sprout on Thursday for student to enjoy and particiapte in the open mic night to share song, dance and poetry.
Camille Vandendriessche, Student Reporters
Issue date: 5/2/07 Section: News
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The second and last Apollo Night of the year will take place Thursday at 7.30 p.m. in the Bean Sprout. More than 20 artists like Barry Smith, junior management major from Abilene; Marie Thomas, class of 2002; and some of the SHADES members will perform in various ways: poetry, dancing, singing, spoken words, monologue and freestyle.

"It is an opportunity to showcase talents in front of peers," said Erica Ray, president of Essence of Ebony.

Ray, senior social work major from Arlington, said Apollo Night is a main event for Essence of Ebony. She said even though this is only the second edition of the academic year, Essence of Ebony used to have four Apollo Nights every year in the past three years.
"But this year, we've had kinds of little Apollo Nights every last Tuesday of each month," she said. "It was more informal."

Besides Apollo Night, two big events are still to happen before the end of the year for Essence of Ebony members. A formal will take place Friday, and "Fish Fry" will take place Saturday.

James Graham, who will be president of Essence of Ebony next year, said many of the social events will remain the same.

"I would like to get people more involved, see more community work on and off campus," said Graham, sophomore youth and family ministry major from Abilene.

He also said Essence of Ebony may take part in Sing Song in 2008.

Email Vandendriessche at optimist@acu.edu - Abilene Christian's "The Optomist"


1.Badself (Recieving Air-
2.When the Thrill is Gone(#1 on Soundclick for 90 days)
4.To the Moon



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With a style that mixes remnants of classic hip hop and r&b, with futuristic elements, Mikal-7 is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the music game. In addition to singing, rapping, and composing; Mikal-7 is one half of the prolific songwriting duo "KB4H" #KillazOfBeatz4Hire. (read less)