Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Bars is a group of young men that come from different backgrounds and have different personalities, but the one thing that they have in common is music and when brought together these guys set off fireworks! When you hear all three voices they deliver something you couldn’t image coming out of their mouths.


B.A.R.S, which stands for Those Boys Are Spitters. Is a group that has three young men from Chester PA. The members are, Koran “Fats” Laws who is 20 years old. Then you have Simon “Barz” Grant who is the youngest at 15 years old. And finally we have Lamont “Mont” Lewis who is 21. All three of these young men have different personalities and are different ages but that’s what makes them unique and stand out. A few of people that influence them in music are Jay-Z, Nas, The Lox, TuPac, Notorious B.I.G, Cassidy and Eminem. These guys have already had a tremendous start in their career by touring throughout the Tri-State area and also hosting & performing at numerous events throughout various communities. They have dropped there first mixtape “State of Emergency” and are currently working hard on there second mixtape “State of Emergency 2” which is due to be released late September. Which will be followed by the release of there music video for the single “Grown Up”. But other then being busy young men the most important thing on these guys mind is being positive role models for young children that look up to them.


State of Emergency
State of Emergency 2 - Coming