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Woodstock, New York, United States

Woodstock, New York, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Her voice is the kind you hear in a dream...her honesty is shocking...her songs contain an essential core that she offers you in a crystal glass...magic." - Mark Morganstern, owner of The Rosendale Cafe, Rosendale, NY

"Special recognition for Parachute"

Mare Wakefield, the Independent Music Editor at Performing Songwriter Magazine has named Parachute as her #2 favorite CD for 2007.

Chuck Elliot, host of Sleepy Hollow on WXPN in Philadelphia, named Parachute in his Top 5 for 2006 as part of the station's Top 50 of 2006 contest.

Also, Parachute Photographer, Peter Schoenberger, was chosen as a finalist for the 2007 Independent Music Awards for his work on Parachute. Winner will be determined by the end of 2007.
- Mare Wakefield, DIY editor, Performing Songwriter Magazine, Chuck Eliot, host of Sleepy Hollow, WXPN

"Bar is a voice - a walking, talking, singing voice"

"Bar is a voice - a walking, talking, singing voice. When I think of her, I think 'VOICE". And not just ANY voice, but one so rich, warm and full of emotion that anyone within earshot risks being transported into another world. She is 'voice' without self-consciousness and without trying to imitate or twist what is natural into something other than what is. Her very being is in her voice and all her goodness and truthfulness vibrate forth when she sings. Bar sings because she cannot, NOT sing." - Jane Barsumian, Organist & Composer, Saugerties, NY

"'Parachute' is truly incredible"

"Parachute is truly incredible, and I think it is by far Bar's best effort yet. I have listened to it three times now in its entirety and each time I listen to it my eyes well up with tears. Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears of hope, tears of pain. All of it. It is a real work of passion and beauty, and will strike a similar chord with all those who listen to it." - Todd Mack, WKZE Radio & Producer of Off the Beat 'n' Track

"One of the great voices on the earth"

"Parachute is a beautiful tribute and a wonderful piece of work. Bar is without a doubt one of the great voices on the earth." - Tommy West, producer: Jim Croce and Anne Murray

"Simply inspiring"

"Bar Scott delivered an unforgettable set filled with rich harmonies and melodic songs. Bar's deep lyrics speak to the emotional core of the human condition. Simply inspiring." - Ron Aja, Clearwater Music Festival Director

"Performance reviews and comments.."

"...Your voice is amazingly beautiful, your pitch impeccable, and your phrasing and sense of swing is exhilarating."

...Mark Kaplan, a fan (after hearing Bar live at the Byrdcliffe Theater August 31, 2008)

Beautiful Voice! Beautiful Music!
(A review of Parachute-2007 on iTunes)

"This recording should be in everyone’s library—especially anyone who likes beautiful music that expresses those feelings we all have deep inside but are hesitant to express. Bar Scott’s incomparable voice, her “feeling-filled” music writing and performance style left me wanting more. Her original music is wonderful. I especially like the title song “Parachute”, “More”, “Sarah”, “Come to Me” (a simple yet touching and sensual love song) and “World on Fire”. The cover version of “Everyday People” is a fun and refreshing rendition. The singing, the harmonies and instrumental arrangements are remarkable. I noticed that she has top-notch people performing with her—not surprising for the quality of this recording. I highly recommend this recording in its entirety! MusicTeach

Excellent songs that will hit you in your gut & move your heart (Review of Parachute found on iTunes)

"The first time I heard Bar Scott sing I shook my head and asked “Where has her voice been all my life?” Her songs resonate emotionally, and her voice is a gift to those who hear her. Great backup singing on this record as well. Try the songs ‘Sarah’ or’More’ or ‘Oh, God’. This is good music for grown-ups."

......CBCD (2007)

"I thought you were wonderful, a truly unique composer and singer in a world that, musically-speaking, is becoming more cookie-cutter each day. It was a privilege to be in the audience."

---Robert Kvinnesland, a fan, Pennsylvania

"Bar Scott's music is touching, reflective, hauntingly real and just plain good stuff to listen to . . . it should be in everyone's library".

--- Paul Luke Andreassen, The Paul Luke Band

"I can't stop listening to Parachute. It's such an incredibly beautiful song-- the entire CD is fantastic... Thanks for continuing to put what you have to share out there. It's such a gift to us all!"

---Anna Cheek, Anna Cheek Band, Woodstock, NY

"Bar Scott inspires...just listen and you'll believe in magic."

---Bob Fischer, fan, Palantine, Illinois

"Your music touches me deeply."

---Wind, a fan, internet
- Various presenters and fans...

"Reviews of Bar's music"

Excerpt from a review of "a little dream" by Robert Burke Warren for Chronogram Magazine (February 2008)

"…. With material that calls for a set of pipes able to convey a wide array of emotions—often over the course of a single tune—Scott excels and surprises; she can drip desire mixed with fear in the classic “You Better Go Now,” burn with self-loathing crossed with grim satisfaction in “Good Morning Heartache,” and brim with fulfillment laced with mournful resignation in “I Wish I Didn’t Love You So.”

…. It is not hard to imagine any one of the creators of these masterpieces calling Scott on a rotary phone and giving her first crack at their tune."

Excerpt from a review of "Parachute" by Mare Wakefield , Independent Music Editor for Performing Songwriter Magazine (DIY March/April 2007)

"….The record floats gracefully through the atmosphere, enveloping listeners with a silken touch and a life-supporting strength.

….Scott’s ethereal voice invites listeners on a soulful, inspirational journey, while the stark piano accompaniment lets her lyrics shine….

Parachute will set you down in a place you’ve never been before; trust us when we tell you to take the dive."

Excerpt from a review of "Parachute" written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Mike Jurkovic (2006) Reprinted in Chronogram Magazine September 2006

"Evoking a much more compelling Sarah McLachlan and the iconic Joni Mitchell (rich, organic melodies and vocal harmonies), Scott's sixth disc weaves a sumptuous musical tapestry, each song even more beautiful than its predecessor.

…Scott's piano based songs become meditations on the fragile threads we consistently strain at getting from one end of the day to the next and the small beauties and great loves we miss while on that constricted, linear pursuit….

Pin-pointing favorite tracks on Parachute is like shredding a whole cloth, but for those of you with short attention spans, start with the opening title track, then try the exquisite Sarah. Then program Come to Me, World on Fire and Oh God. Then be kind to yourself and let the disc play full. You'll hear what I mean. …."

Review by Angie Chaney, Vision Music Group, Nashville for "Roots Music Report"

"I loved this CD. Bar Scott and Parachute would be the perfect CD to enjoy after a long stressful day, and then simply float on the easy listening melodies, touching lyrics and beautiful voice. Once I heard this CD I was an instant fan of Bar Scott."

- Performing Songwriter Magazine, Chronogram, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange & Roots Music Report

"Just Superb!!"

...a review of "a little dream" album June 2008

Even singing some of her (and my) favorite classic covers, there’s no question that Bar Scott is one of the greatest American voices alive and frequently singing today.

There’s something so predictable and almost appropriate about “the best” also being the most unknown: the best restaurant in town that nearly goes bankrupt until word of mouth advertising transforms it into THE place to go for an incredible dinner; the movie that no one is seeing since all the “major” critics panned it, which when you see it because of that hunch you can’t seem to quiet, turns out to be the movie that transforms your life.

I have discovered independent and incredible artists before, but what makes Bar Scott SO incredible is how she continues to create and perform such amazing music (even when she’s “creating” others music) and do it with the quiet force of an old sage with incredible wisdom he (or she) knows to be true and unquestionable. To listen to Bar on record or live, you just have to wonder how the majority of the rest of the world doesn’t know about her and her incredible talent. Just like that incredible restaurant.

I have had the immense pleasure of seeing Bar live twice, both house concerts at the home of Cheryl and Michael Wu, who I’m eternally grateful to for introducing me to Bar. Bar is such a passionate artist, so committed to making any of her musical arts, songwriting, piano, and voice, as perfect as they can be, Yet, her concerts are more like being in the kitchen with an incredible chef, watching them work and tasting the results as they are done. Not that the experience and performance is any less spectacular, but Bar’s unpretentious relationship and dialog with the audience makes it all the more harder to believe that you’re witnessing something as incredible as you obviously are.

Listen to how she makes each of these already legendary compositions so beautifully her own and THEN, get her entire library and hear a songwriting talent at least as beautiful as her voice.

Think of this as the tip on that restaurant down the street. Trust me, you’ll thank me the next time you see me!
- Stu Needel (taken from iTune review)

"A Special Review of Parachute"

Bar recently received this assessment of "Parachute" from another song writer who happens to be a fan. Thanks Charlie Lang!

"Parachute" wins in Multiple Categories

A. Best Vocal Performance

B. Best Arrangement
1. Best New Song
2. Most Interesting Allegory
3. Most Contemporary Theme
4. Bittersweet Song Of The Year
5. Kudos for Lyrical Melody
6. Emotional Cathartic Minor
and Major Constellations
7. Most Sensual and Engaging Voice
8. Most Innovative Vocal Performance

...One of the "Judges"
- Charlie Lang--a fan



BAR SCOTT has recorded over 50 original songs in her 20 year career. This catalog of music is available for licensing from Lucy Max Publishing.

Please call (845)679-1087.

You can hear samples from all of Bar’s CDs at her website:

Bar’s Original Recordings:

Parachute (2006)
Sweets for the Soul (2002)
Grapes and Seeds (2000)
Confession (1995)
Silence is Broken (1992)
Different Shoes (1987)

Other Recordings:

A Little Dream, a collection of standards (2007)
Liturgy, a collection of hymns (2003)
Great Christmas Songs to Sing Along With (1999)
Great Songs to Sing Along With (1993)

Publications: Children’s Coloring Book and accompanying music



“What struck me about Bar Scott’s music is the power of her voice. It just lights up the soul and chases away the crud that’s been building up in there for years.” (Jon Pope – The Ripple Effect).

Bar Scott has inspired listeners with the strength of her voice and the immediacy of her songs for over fifteen years. At every show, she digs deep within herself to sing and then takes her audience with her. On stage, it’s clear that there’s no other place in the world she’d rather be. Comfortable alone at the piano, guitar or singing a capella in a great hall, Bar also loves to perform with background vocalists, a bassist or other accompaniment. With six CDs of original songs, and three of covers including songs from the American Songbook under her belt, Bar moves comfortably from one style to the next.

She’s performed at The Beacon Theater, The Cathedral at St John the Divine, The Clearwater and Falcon Ridge Musical Festivals, Terrytown Town Music Hall, the Kimmel Center and Philadelphia Cathedral, and many medium and smaller venues around the northeast. In the studio, she’s worked with, among others, bassist Tony Levin, drummer Jerry Marotta, classical guitarist Fred Hand, arranger and keyboardist David Sancious and the string quartet known as Ethel.

“Bar Scott is without a doubt one of the great voices on the earth,” according to Jim Croce’s producer Tommy West. And Judy Whitfield, a Woodstock presenter, said, “Bar Scott creates Beauty,” which is exactly what she has always hoped to do.

She has performed live with many musicians including Ian Anderson, Phoebe Snow, Beth Nielsen-Chapman, Mindy Jostyn, Happy and Artie Traum, John Sebastian and the Refugees. She has been an ASCAP Special Awards winner for eleven consecutive years.

Bar also owns Lucy Max Productions in Woodstock, New York. In the studio she wears many hats including writer, producer, performing artist, assistant engineer, and meal-provider. She arranges and performs almost all of the harmony vocals on her studio recordings, which have become a trademark of her sound.

Bar is also well known for her support of multiple causes, which she does through benefit concerts. Beneficiaries include Ronald MacDonald House in Albany, NY, Hope's Fund, Kodi's Kids, AHA - Artists Helping Artists, Pennypack Trust, Woodstock Land Conservancy, and many other local, environmental and social agencies that help those in need.


Bard College, Olin Hall with Tom Chapin to Benefit Hudson Valley Hospice, 2009, 2008, 2007

Byrdcliffe Theater, Gala Concert for the Woodstock Fringe, August 2009

Woodstock Memoir Festival, Featured autobiographical songwriter, and featured reader from her forthcoming memoir. February 2009. (Invited back for 2010)

Tinker Street Theater, Woodstock, NY 2009

Sellerville Theater, Christmas Reunion Concert with Annie Haslam, Sellersville, PA December 2008

Woodstock Fringe Theater Festival, Woodstock, NY, 3 performances, August 2008

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, 2007, 2008

Maverick Hall with Fred Hand, Woodstock, NY 2008

Benefit Concert for Hope's Fund with The Refugees, Saugerties, NY 2008

New Year's Eve Peace Concert, St. John the Divine Cathedral, New York City, 2007, 2003

The Woodstock Guild's Kleinert James Visiting Artist. Women in Music Series. 2007

Rosendale Cafe, Rosendale, NY, 2007

Bearsville Theater, Bearsville, NY, 2007 (with Joy Askew and Jill Stevenson)

Woodstock Cycle, Commission for original composition called "Big Picture". World Premiere, October, 2007 Woodstock, NY

Spiegeltent, Bard College, 2007

Women and Power Conference, NYC 2006. Final performer to close the conference.

Kimmel Center, Philadelphia - in celebration of the 5th year of the Kimmel Center, 2006

Two-River Theater, Red Bank, NJ - Headliner - Benefit Concert for Love, Inc., 2006

Mitchell Performing Arts Center, Huntingdon Valley, PA, 2006

CD101.9 FM Emerging Artist Series, New York City, Summer 2006

Falcon Ridge Music Festival, Showcase Artist, Summer 2006

Clearwater Revival, Main Stage Artist, Croton-on-the-Hudson, NY
2004, 2006

Kent State University "Democracy and Arts Symposium", May 2005

United Nations' International Youth Conference, 2004

Guest Artist with Ars Choralis & The Hudson Valley Youth Chorale,
Winter 2003

Demo singer for Howard Shore, Lord of the Rings, "The Return of the King", 2003

Featured songwriter at the Byrdcliff Barn Theater celebrating "100 Years of Great Songwriters" from Woodstock, New York

Headliner "Voices of Inspiration" with Phoebe Snow and Beth Neilson Chapman, The Beacon Theater, New York City, 2003

Woodstock Playhouse, Benefit Concert for Ronald McDonald House, in Albany, NY, 2003

Special guest of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull at Tarrytown Music Hall
Nyack, NY 2003

The Theatre of the Living Arts opening for Annie Haslam lead singer of Renaissance, Philadelphia, PA

Fez, New York City