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"New Band Smell : Bartin Memberg"

The march of the undiscovered continues. This one dropped into the ol’ Inbox overnight, and I’ve grown quite attached to it in a short period of time. Bartin Memberg describes his wares on Sills as experimental hip-hop, but to these long and wasted ears, a track like Hammered Enamored could easily have snuck on side B of Low. - My Old Kentucky Blog

"[MP3] Bartin Memberg: “Hammered Enamored”"

I’m particularly impressed today by this track from Bartin Memberg (whose name I’m pretty sure is Martin Bemberg) that made its way from way out in the middle of Nowhere (Fayetteville), Arkansas…. go Razorbacks? Anyway, check out this minimalist beatmaker’s best track “Hammered Enamored”

As far as music goes, I usually find myself fawning over the experimental border’s edge stuff as opposed to the beaten path of rehashed 60s pop and bro-fi. If there’s a catchy little hook buried inside what seems the product of an individual’s (or band’s) efforts to innovate and authenticate, even better. “Hammered Enamored” is the latter: piano punches and vocal sighs are mixed brilliantly to form the song’s structure while Memberg (or Bemberg, whatever) sings like an even more timid Owen Pallett. Classy stuff.

You can download what seems to be a five song sampler of the album Sills for free at Bartin Memberg’s Bandcamp page. - I Guess I'm Floating


"Ready For The Good Things"
Released November 6th, 2012


February, 2011 ambient R&B EP

"Elsewise and Cetera"
November, 2011 garage pop EP

"Talkin' About The Man"
May, 2012 eclectic pop rock EP

"Just Some White Kids Havin' A Party"
July, 2012 rap EP

October, 2012 instrumental hip-hop Full Length

"Film Scores" - October, 2012



On November 6th, 2012, Bartin Memberg released "Ready For The Good Things," a compilation of his best work from 2011 and 2012, which is available for streaming and download on his Bandcamp page:


Composer and lead singer for now dormant progressive pop band Memphis Pencils, Martin Bemberg began composing and recording solo material in January, 2011. In the years since, Baritn Memberg has released six recordings spanning a multitude of genres.


Bartin Memberg (b. Thomas Martin Bemberg Jr.) was born and raised in Fayetteville, AR where he played with acclaimed progressive pop band Memphis Pencils. He released his first solo record, "Sills" in February of 2011 while still recording the Pencils' full length, "Shhh, I'm Rustic." The solo EP is a synthesis of R&B grooves, ethereal piano, and hymn-like vocal layers.

After moving to Austin, Texas in 2011's record-setting inferno, Memberg recorded his second solo record, "Elsewise and Cetera," his first dabbling in rock n roll. After meeting his wife Kristin in Austin, eloping, and moving back to his hometown of Fayetteville, Bartin began composing the tunes that would end up on "Talkin' About The Man," his third album, the majority of which is dedicated to his wife Kristin.

Autumn 2012 saw a true departure from his previous work as he began work on his fourth record, "Just Some White Kids Havin' A Party," a whimsical take on Hip-Hop and open admission of Memberg's extreme whiteness. Soon after, "Beats" followed suit, a full length album comprised of instrumental Hip-Hop ranging from tribal grooves, swag-laden club bangers, dirty south crunk, and ambient trip-hop to boot.