Heidelberg, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, DEU

Soulful expressive voice, beautiful stagepresence / bassclarinet w/ wahwah, looper and other fx replacing guitar / hammond organ w/ lefthand bass, hammondplayer whistles too / creative young drummer, jazz professor who loves to play triphop, dr&b, and house-grooves on real drums

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Fair Love

Written By: Jo Bartmes

there's broken glass
the tears will dry
it's hard to breath
and time goes at a slower pace
compelled to fight
i don' know why
where there was love
there's many words and no more space

we're fighting hard
the air is tight
the joy is gone
two views of right
it's hard to move
without the light
fear stops the groove
with all its might

i'd like to let you know
no matter where you go
this has been a bumpy ride
but I'll always feel you at my side
i'd like to let you know
no matter where i go
and even if it's hard to see
you'll be a part of me

loving fair ain't that easy
it's easier to live at war
it takes a lifetime to cease the fire
but at the end we'll fight no more