Barvinok ensemble

Barvinok ensemble


Traditional Eastern European joyful music.


What is "Barvinok"?!
Barvinok is the Ukrainian name for the periwinkle flower. This flower plays an important role in the traditions of many countries. The periwinkle is used as an ingredient in traditional folk herbal medicine. Many nations use this beautiful flower symbolically in their poetry and songs. Ukraine has adopted it as its symbol of faithful love, friendship and long life. The Musical Director and Founder of the Barvinok Ensemble, Nina Tritenichenko and her husband Evhen, came from Ukraine and brought their love of Ukrainian traditions and folk music to San Francisco.


Album"Sincerely Yours", 2006, live.

Set List

Ukrainian, Russian, Gypsy, Jewish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian and Belorussian traditional music.
Up to four hours.