Russian folk dance and music ensemble Barynya

Russian folk dance and music ensemble Barynya


Ensemble Barynya from New York (since 1991) performs Cossack, Ukrainian, Russian Gypsy folk dances, music and songs. Six dancers, 4 musicians and 2 singers (also available in smaller groups). Barynya is the best Russian ensemble outside of Russia. Artistic Director and founder Mikhail Smirnov.


Ensemble Barynya consists of the best singers, musicians and dancers available today in the United States of America. All members of the ensemble Barynya use to perform with world reknown Moiseev Dance Company, Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company, Don Cossacks of Rostov Don, Andreev State symphonic balalaika orchestra, Moscow State Folk Center "Russian Song", Ensemble of Black Sea Navy Dancers, "Riverdance", Beryozka Dance (Moscow) and others.

COSTUMES: Colorful Russian, Gypsy, Cossack, Ukrainian and Klezmer stage outfits: "sarafans", "rubashkas", "sapogis", "kaftans" and "kosovorotkas". Each dance number performed in appropriate and authentic costumes, all hand-made by Svetlana Gavrilova.

CLIENTS: Top cultural venues of the United States, US corporations, Russian Nobility, American educational organizations, best event and party planners, Russian tycoons and oligarchs.

Russian folk dance and music trio "Barynya" was founded in November 1991 by Russian accordion player Misha Smirnov, dancer Sasha Anchutin, and Russian folk singer Natasha Demidova. The first show took place at the Russian restaurant "Fyodoroff" in Carle Place, New York. Program of the Barynya ensemble always started with fast Russian traditional dance "BARYNYA" which later has become the name of the group.


2007. "Russian garmoshka traditional music" CD
2007. Barynya and Zhenya Shevchenko" DVD
2006. "Ethnic Russian Music" CD
2006. "Russian dance and Russian music" DVD
2005. "Live in Wisconsin" Russian folk music, song and dance CD
2005. "Russian Christmas Music Balalaika" CD
2004. "Live in Joplin, MO" Russian traditional dance and music DVD
2004. "Sergey Gusarov" Russian folk songs and balalaika music CD
2003. "Barynya Russian folk songs" Balalaika music CD
1998. "Live in Cabaret Moscow" Russian Gypsy Klezmer songs music dance DVD
1995. "Beyond The Don River RUSSIAN FOLKSONGS" (Misha Smirnov and Natasha from Russia) CD

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Set List

Musical program of the ensemble Barynya is up to 5 hours long. This is our usual performance lenght when we play for dancing guests at the "Petroushka Ball" held annualy in New York City by Russian Children's Welfare Society.

We have about 45 minutes show with our dancers. 8 changes of beautiful colorful costumes. Each dance performed in new set of costumes.

Ensemble Barynya dancers and musicians can perform separately or together depending on the client's requirements.

01. "DAYDREAMS WALTZ" composed by the "Father of Russian balalaika" Vassily Vassilievich Andreev (born 186l). Russian Balalaika solo. The Waltz is performed by all musicians (instrumental)

02. "Korobushka" (The Peddlers) - Russian traditional song. Lyrics are by the great Russian poet Nekrasov. Russian favorite for 150 years. A countryside peddler has a basket filled with attractive prints and brocades. At first-sight he falls in love with a pleasant girl. He is ready to lay at her feet all his worldl