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This band has not uploaded any videos



"It's the perfect Saturday night...."

"It's the perfect pick-me-up for early Saturday night.... great going out music.... great for the girls to apply their make up to.... great for the boys to choose their favourite shirts for the night ahead.... great for the soundtrack to the evening itself.... in the pre-bar, the club, the taxi, the car.... great for coming home to... to relax and chill.... for chatting with friends.... and dancing with friends.... and then, if you meet that special person, or already have that special person in your arms or under your spell.... to do the :::wild::: thing before breakfast. Starlight, Cloud09 et all.... bellissimo. Basa is the music for the best Saturday of your life. Best Regards, Clive (UK) Ribside". - Clive Ribside

"A Lovers Seduction"

"A lovers seduction song if there ever was one. Latin percussion underlying a smoky voice that gets under your skin and into your soul.With the added mix of electronica to send your mind whirling , lower the lights, build a fire and let your bodies burn." Written by roguepuppet -

"A lovers whisper tinged by an LSD trip"

"Sounds like a lovers whisper tinged by an LSD trip... squelchy filtered percusion sneaks in and out of lush rhodes and crunchy bass just barely hints at drum&bass without going there. Gotta love how the genres all just melt together like frisky drunk girls in a hot tub :)" Written by Musipal -


2003 EP Release - Edit
July 2007 CD Release - Title TBD



Bäsa is like a sponge bath, or like wearing a leisure suit. Its deja vu. Eric Corbett and Darrell Smith have been exploring the space between jazz, pop, electro, and soul; trying to discover a fresh take. The strong narratives gravitate toward stories of love. From the frustrated love that never quite works out in "touche", to the hopeful story of love being enough in "starlight"; the thoughts are witty and deeper than they appear at first glance. Each listen reveals another layer of tone and thought. The approach is sensual but not sexual, intelligent but not intellectual, hip but not trendy, future and retro at the same time. Textures of tone wash over each expression and moment. The band is deep rooted in jazz, but shares a love for old school funk and soul, that euro electro sound, and urban rhythms and beats. Bäsa's
hope is to be the soundtrack for the best times of your life. Serve chilled and enjoy.