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Let Me Try (To Unbreak Your Heart)

Written By: Basak Kizilisik

Please let me try to say this
The best way I can
Try to explain why I acted the why I did.
Guess I just needed some sort of simple clue
I didn’t know that had to mean me losing you.

Must have been a battle
Settling for second place.
You never complained a bit
Though I should’ve seen it on your face

Didn’t mean to hurt you and I
Didn’t mean to break you but I
Thought you’d always be there
Though I know I would never stay.

Didn’t mean to scare your love away.
Didn’t mean to make you not wanna’ stay.
You put up with things that I know
I would never take.

Even though I know I’m asking way too much.
And I haven’t earned and don’t deserve the two of us.
Let me unhurt you
Let me untear your world apart
Let me try to unbreak your
Unbreak your heart.

Lord knows I’ve tried to justify
The mistakes I’ve made
By far the biggest was becoming
A love you should hate

Didn’t know how to prioritize
So I covered it up with petty lies
Pretended that time would take all the pain away
Seems I was all wrong again, same way I always have been
I’m so tired of paying for my selfish pride.


Our song’s been stuck in my head for a million days
I can’t bear to lose it so there it always stays.
I think of you often, I know I always will
Your fading touch makes me ache, so I try hard to stay still.
If this song reaches you, and you have nothing better to do.
I’d love it if you found some way to tell me that you’re okay.

[Chorus to Out]