Vienna, Vienna, AUT

An angry and catchy riff-storm causing brutal neckpains straight without compromises simple kicking ass


BASANOS the Neo-Thrash Groove Monster.

'Instincts' the debut album of the foursome from Vienna. Groove Metal at it's best. A fresh stormgust which makes it's way direkt-ly into the auditory canal. Impressive Hooklines mat-ched with catchy riffs, a midtempo battleship cribed with fine thrash bonds. This album was made to hit the listener direktly in the neck. Every track paths it's way into the brain to claw it in a rude way and to awake the instincts.

Lyrics which reflect life and intermediate undreamed energies.
'We are not a very melodic band, we are always sear-ching for the perfect Riff. That´s the basic of our music.' singer Jochen reflects. On Stage the energy level is getting to the top. BASANOS assure with a brutal live show which leaves no one cold. 'INSTINCTS' contents agressive pounding anthems about life itself and also melancholic parts, which tell from pain and distress. With this debut BASANOS show what's the basic of their legislating.

On the second album 'CRACKING THE SLEDGE' the limits will be shifted again, more pure Thrash Metal combined with Doom and Sludge Elements. Agressive shouts underlined by the typical BASANOS groove and riffs. The Monster strikes again, amplified it's style and ta-kes a step forward.

2011: this year it's time for CRACKING THE SLEDGE!!!


"Kill The Master" - Demo - 2009
"Instincts" - May 28th. 2010
"Cracking the Sledge" - 2011 [coming soon]

Set List

20 - 60 minutes