Kelly Kokofski

Kelly Kokofski


Base 2 is an eclectic, unique hard rock, but radio friendly band. There energetic and emotional sound carries over to their stage show. Base 2 is one of the most driven, dedicated and determined bands you will ever come across.


Fairfield County, Connecticut is not typically known as a breeding ground for modern rock. However, it is today home to one of the most exciting acts to hit the music scene in some time. base2, comprised of Kashif Ali (guitar), Nick DiMule (bass), Mat Reale (drums), Ben Warner (electric violin), and Jamie Seth (lead vocals), have been bringing their energetic and emotional brand of rock to the Northeast since late 2000.

Drawing influences both musically and lyrically from an eclectic variety of bands and writers, base2 has taken all that has impacted their development as musicians and molded it into their own brand of Rock & Roll. This quintet chose to remain unique with the integration of an electric violin as their fifth member; the infectious sounds of the electric violin complement the driving guitar & bass riffs, together serving as a melodic backdrop for the rich vocals of Jamie Seth.

base2 honed its sound playing over a hundred live shows across New England and the New York metropolitan area. This included opening for over 20 national acts, as well as being the only unsigned band invited on the Molson Snow Jam tour. With this experience, it is no surprise that base2 was selected as a finalist, by listener votes, in national unsigned band contests such as the OMAs (Online Music Awards, Sponsored by Yahoo, Starpolish, and Napster) two years running.

Through the hard work of its dedicated fan base and street team, currently spanning 13 states, England, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Australia, Germany, France, etc, and including radio and sponsor promotion, it is only a matter of time before the band receives recognition throughout national media. Following their recent self organized and promoted European Tour in support of their full length independent debut "Diligence", base2 plans to continue touring stateside, further promoting "Diligence", released in the U.S. on June 24th, 2003.


1. Pilot
2. Impurities
3. Points of Pressure
4. Call Yourself an Angel
5. Lunacy
6. Blame
7. Temple
8. This is Me
9. Stop the Music
10. It Get's Dark
11. Temple (Accoustic)
12. Prevail

Set List

1. Impurities
2. Temple
3. Call Yourself an Angel
4. Pilot
5. Lunacy
6. Blame
7. This is Me
8. Prevail
9. Stop the Music

Normally perform 45 minutes. Can perform up to 90 minutes. No covers