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The best kept secret in music



Connecticut is not typically known as a breeding ground for modern rock. However, it is home to one of the most exciting musical acts to hit the scene in some time. The members of base2 have been bringing their original and emotional brand of rock to the stage since 2000. Today, the Nu-Metal band base2 has their sights set on rock super-stardom.

The Fairfield County based quintet has just returned home from Europe where they toured in support of their full-length CD debut titled “Diligence”. After playing over 25 shows, the Heineken Green Festival, making several radio appearances, and even playing a live acoustic show and CD signing at Tower Records in Dublin, Ireland, the boys of base2 have returned home ready to conquer the states.

Drawing on influences both musically and lyrically from a wide range of musicians ranging from TOOL to Yo-Yo Ma, base2 has taken all that has influenced their development as musicians, and formed it into their own brand of Rock & Roll. The quintet chose to remain unique with the integration of electric violinist, Ben Warner. The infectious sounds of Ben’s electric violin complement the driving guitar and bass riffs of Kashif Ali and Nick DiMule. Mat Reale really holds his own on drums, banging out blistering beats from the percussion section. With boundless energy, the four provide a melodic backdrop for front man Jamie Seth’s emotional singing and lyrics. For a taste, check out:

On Friday June 27th, base2 took the stage at Hartford’s Webster Theatre to celebrate the US release of “Diligence.” The show launched what will be a season of stateside touring to further promote the release. With the help of their street team, and radio and sponsor promotion, base2 is sure to gain recognition in the national media. In fact, just a few days after their CD release they were selected by CT fans to play on July 4th at Radio 104 Fest.

This may seem like a large leap for some local boys, but base2 is no stranger to large venues. In fact, base2 has a remarkable resume. First off there is their recent European tour and Mat Reale’s endorsement from Silverfox. Then take into account their opening for over 20 national acts including De La Soul and Jimmy Eat world at Molson’s Snow Jam and bands like Hoobastank and Staind. They have had live appearances on Clear Channel stations, played on the NBA Rhythm and Rhyme Tour and of course, they have been to CBGB’s. With all of this under their belt, these guys are pro’s, a point probably best illustrated in the band members sense of teamwork.

The members of base2 are notably all on the same page. This is not a band that is struggling to come to grips with their newfound fame and good fortune, rather they are a well oiled machine with each component working in unison towards a common goal. On stage these guys have the energy and stage presence to get the crown going. Off stage they are down to earth, friendly, approachable guys who treat their fans like family.

For those of you who remember bands that were fun and played with tons of emotion, energy and intensity, check out base2, grab a few beers, heck buy the CD. For those of you who are skeptical, check them out on the web at: …you won’t be disappointed. One thing is for sure; base2’s popularity is undeniable.
- Pete

"New England"

The members of award-winning unsigned band base2, having already conquered the New England, NJ and NYC areas, have set their sights on more distant locales -- the United Kingdom and Ireland, to be exact. The European "Diligence Tour" 2003 will take base2 through about 25 shows, and numerous radio appearances within 5 weeks, as well as an in store CD signing, and acoustic set at Tower Records, Dublin. There they will take part in the kickoff of the Heineken Green Energy Festival, a month long music festival in Dublin, which draws about 50,000 music fans from all over the world.

The band -- who won Best Single at the 2003 Unsygned Artists' Connecticut Rock Awards for "Prevail" -- is understandably excited about their upcoming European adventure. Bassist Nick D. said, "I'm looking forward to exposing base2's music to as many countries -- and ears -- as possible."

base2 is no stranger to high-profile performances. Recently, they were the only unsigned band to take part in Molson's Snow Jam -- a concert highlighted by the likes of Jimmy Eat World and De La Soul. This summer, the band forged a relationship with the NBA -- not only were they featured on the Rhythm and Rims Tour, also sponsored by Yahoo, and Reebok, they also headlined the Grand Re-Opening of the Basketball Hall of Fame.
base2, who are two-time finalists at the Yahoo Online Music Awards, which highlights the best unsigned bands in America, are finishing up their full-length album "Diligence".

"Diligence" is an album full of boundless energy, as well as emotionally tinged lyrics. Looking ahead, base2 will begin stateside touring in support of their release, upon their return from Europe, in mid May 2003.
- Unknown


Base2 combines addictive, solid riffs, vocals that are simply astonishing, phat beats, and the unique aspect of an electric violin. The sound was tight as was the stage presence these guys held. - Eric


1. Pilot
2. Impurities
3. Points of Pressure
4. Call Yourself an Angel
5. Lunacy
6. Blame
7. Temple
8. This is Me
9. Stop the Music
10. It Get's Dark
11. Temple (Accoustic)
12. Prevail


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fairfield County, Connecticut is not typically known as a breeding ground for modern rock. However, it is today home to one of the most exciting acts to hit the music scene in some time. base2, comprised of Kashif Ali (guitar), Nick DiMule (bass), Mat Reale (drums), Ben Warner (electric violin), and Jamie Seth (lead vocals), have been bringing their energetic and emotional brand of rock to the Northeast since late 2000.

Drawing influences both musically and lyrically from an eclectic variety of bands and writers, base2 has taken all that has impacted their development as musicians and molded it into their own brand of Rock & Roll. This quintet chose to remain unique with the integration of an electric violin as their fifth member; the infectious sounds of the electric violin complement the driving guitar & bass riffs, together serving as a melodic backdrop for the rich vocals of Jamie Seth.

base2 honed its sound playing over a hundred live shows across New England and the New York metropolitan area. This included opening for over 20 national acts, as well as being the only unsigned band invited on the Molson Snow Jam tour. With this experience, it is no surprise that base2 was selected as a finalist, by listener votes, in national unsigned band contests such as the OMAs (Online Music Awards, Sponsored by Yahoo, Starpolish, and Napster) two years running.

Through the hard work of its dedicated fan base and street team, currently spanning 13 states, England, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Australia, Germany, France, etc, and including radio and sponsor promotion, it is only a matter of time before the band receives recognition throughout national media. Following their recent self organized and promoted European Tour in support of their full length independent debut "Diligence", base2 plans to continue touring stateside, further promoting "Diligence", released in the U.S. on June 24th, 2003.