Armed with an idea to create a musical experience that would combine all of their influences, BASE2 consists of five distinct personalities with unique backgrounds that intertwine overlap and sometimes collide - resulting in the powerful sound and intensely energetic shows that BASE2 are known for


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Armed with an idea to create something that would encompass all of their influences and develop a sound that would make people remember their name, BASE2 have accomplished exactly that. In just three short years their songwriting has been recognized both locally and nationally with numerous accolades, they have performed as a support artist for such amazing bands as The Used, Evanescence, Staind, Switchfoot Story of the Year & Senses Fail, they produced a self funded international tour that saw the successful release of the band's first album, "diligence" - and that is just the beginning. Since returning, BASE2 have continued touring on top of writing and recording their upcoming release.

Their determination and passion for what they do is what helps make every performance a memorable one. Their ability to write songs that their fans can relate to is what solidifies their connection with them. The New Haven, Connecticut-based quintet is made up of five distinct personalities, each with individual musical tastes and unique backgrounds that intertwine overlap and sometimes collide. The occasional clash of influences might have torn apart a lesser band before a single note was even played, but instead such diversity and shared hardships have only further fueled BASE2's passionate friendships, forging an intense bond among band members.

Base2's lyrical content is like a message they try to get out to their listeners; "All of us come from such different backgrounds and have endured so much to get where we are. A lot of people aren't fortunate enough to have someone or something to help them through tough times, we wanted our music to be that someone or something for whoever needed it", says Jamie Seth, "We like to think of our music as a positive message - sometimes dressed up in metaphors and other times completely blunt - we try not to sugar coat the obstacles and paths we, like so many others, have crossed throughout these early stages of our journey." With songs off their upcoming EP like "Worlds of Grey" and "Reach For Me", their passion for their music is heard loud and clear. Their diligent work ethic and persevering attitude has helped them accomplish so much for such a young band, including a huge presence in the Northeast. Lead Guitarist Kashif adds "We are putting our best foot forward to the world with this EP, though that same foot has kicked us in the ass many a times - some throughout the writing and recording of this record. But we're looking forward, more than ever, to bringing this to our fans everywhere."


Full Length EP - Diligence

Full Length EP - Self Titled

Set List

Set length from 20 minutes to an hour depending on venue, time slot and other artists on bill