basement band

basement band


high energy folk-rock featuring well-crafted, catchy songs and tight vocal harmonies


basement band is a folk-rock quartet based out of brooklyn, ny. They play original, harmony-driven music that ranges from up-tempo bluegrass to rock to mellow, acoustic ballads. Their sound has been likened to “Harvest-era” Neil Young or Wilco but the band strives to stand out in the quickly developing folk-rock revival.

Since solidifying their lineup mid 2005, the band has developed an amazingly gracious following in the New York City and Brooklyn areas playing to packed rooms at NYC’s The Living Room and Pianos. The band has also spent many of its weekends playing venues around the Northeast including: Caffe Lena (Saratoga, NY), Red Square (Albany, NY), The Middle East (Boston, MA), and Nectar’s (Burlington, VT).

Their first full-length disc will be released in May 2008.


2008 - 'basement band'
2005 - 'the meeting house EP'

Set List

Typically a 60-90 minute set consisting of all original compositions or up to 2.5 hours of a mix of originals and covers including material by Neil Young, The Band, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, and John Prine.