Basement Batman

Basement Batman

 New York City, New York, USA

Our production is influenced by Kanye West, the Neptunes and Passion Pit. Our songwriting is influenced by the Beatles, the Strokes, Michael Jackson, and Kid Cudi. We're a 4 piece band, and from time to time we perform with two swagged out string players who rap and sing.


We were all friends as young boys. Getting into trouble, trying to be Air Jordan on the court and the Fresh Prince in class. They would listen to Pac and Biggie and I would listen to The Beatles and my dad’s disco tapes. It’s pretty much the same now. We all live together and made these songs in our apartment in Bushwick out of a crappy bass amp, an effects pedal and a Johnson electric guitar. I learned that I was able to show people how I felt through shakin’, chuckin’ and singing, and they learned how to make it bump and rock. We’re not exactly sure what were doing, but we really mean it. Basement Batman was the first name we ever came up with and we like it.



On A Streak (Single)
Chemistry (Single)
Season 1 (Debut Album)