Basement What?

Basement What?


Basement What? has been described as one of the midwests "latest and greatest." The band is ready for radio and currently playing their music in clubs from Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio. The band's sound is described as radio friendly rock. Compared to: Train/Better than Ezra



Recent Accomplishments:
Choosen to showcase at:
*2005 Thirsty Melon Music Festival, Louisville, KY
*2005 Midwest Music Summit, Indianapolis, IN
*2005 Midpoint Music Festival, Cincinnati, OH
*1st Place at the 2004 Midwest Music Conference Battle of the Bands
*2005 Added to the community. A website that features up and coming unsigned artists from across the nation. At the website fans can download songs and ringtones.
*2004 Headlining Act for Ball State University Homecoming
*2005 Headling Act for IPFW Homecoming
*The band has shared the stage with several national touring artists including: Collective Soul, Shinedown, Seven Mary Three, SR-71, Saliva, Blue Oyster Cult, Watershed, The Why Store, Frickin' A, and many others...

It is no surprise to the rock fans in the Midwest that Basement What? is receiving recognition for their efforts. For the past few years, clubs, radio, and fans have been saying, "Basement What? are going to make their mark on the national music scene." That time may be coming very soon for the band based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the past months, the band have found themselves in the pages of Rolling Stone and Billboard Magazine, and their songs 'My Beer,' 'Moon,' and 'Change' have been featured on compilation discs from Billboard and Oasis CD Duplication as well as regional radio station samplers - "...among the hottest college singles in the country." - Billboard Magazine. BW? have also been reviewed and featured on many sites on the world wide web - "...spectacular!...this is energetic rock with a pop edge that will keep you listening." - J. Sanders ( Select singles from their latest album are being heard on radiowaves from Chicago to New York - "...this is one of the best albums I've heard in years." – Program Director (WCCC, Hartford, CT). "Basement What?'s music is an awesome mix of rock and alternative...they have huge potential for the national market."-Kelly McKay (WZPL 99.5, Indianapolis, IN)

BW? has aslo been in the Top 30 on pop/rock category. Their song 'Change' listed one month as the most downloaded song on in 2002

BW? song 'Illusions' reached as high as #4 in the Alternative charts at

BW? Songs were heard on Northeastern Regional Television Program "Port Of Call" in 2006


'U Listen 2 What?" (Independent Release)
Essentials 4 (WXTW Compilation)
Alternative (Oasis Compilation)
College Music (Billboard Magazine Compilation)
Rock-n-Roots (Oasis Compilation)
Essentials 7 (WXTW Compilation)
'Basement What?' (30th Century Records)
"Keep off the Grass" DECEMBER 2005

Set List

Original Performances, National Openers, Showcases:
BW? will perform from 45 minutes to 75 minute sets venue dependent. Odds are that BW? will play their College Single 'My Beer' along with other regional radio singles 'Moon' and 'Anything Good.' Not all songs will necessarily played the band tends to promote new material with older popular singles.
BW? has supported and shared the stage with: Collective Soul, Shinedown, Seven Mary Three, SR-71, Saliva, Blue Oyster Cult, Watershed, The Why Store, Frickin' A, and many others...

Anything Good
When I look at you
Livin Daydreams
Wish I Didn't
Spit Me Out
At Home
Don't Hold Your Breath
What to Do
Sunshine Baby
Stay til Tuesday
Clear the Air
My Beer
Rollercoaster (Thanks for the Ride)
News For You
I Don't Know

Cover and Original Performances:
The band does know an extensive list of covers and only plays them for a select number of shows. The