Punk for a faster generation!


Basic is Minor Threat meets Monèt, fast'n'fuming then pretty far-off. Neo-punk with force-femme vox and ax, meta-metal drumz, banded 4th of July, 2003.


Never Trust a Hippie

Written By: Leah Stone

The hippies run amuck, they cause a scuttlebutt
They wreak a most unbearable smell, contaminate the well
They’re pissed off you can tell, they’ll be sodomized in hell
From rottenous bowels of brine, oozed the noxious swine

Convert someone else, dumbstruck
Stick their head in a tub, don’t be an idiot
Never trust a hippie

Get a load of this, get to it right quick
The suffering, o suffer no more, cast the shit offshore
How did hippies gain such power or how did others get so weak
Hippies thrive as parasites, arm yourself to the teeth

Clean it up, stinktown
Why do they stick around
Wish they were dead, go die inbred
Never trust a hippie

Let me tell you a little story, man
They burned my place down in Memphis
That was a long time ago

The hippies infested the first floor
And god, that whole entire summer
The stench rising from below
It was like nothing I’d ever known
No! I’d rather be alone.

Good times I have in my memory
Relieving most my agony
Hurling Dead Heads off the second story balcony

Be Ill

Written By: Leah Stone

I don’t wanna be ill
And I can’t go on
But I guess you will

Hey! OhOhOh!
OhOhOhOhOh! Hey! Hey!

Now I’m gonna be ill
And I can’t go on
But I guess you will

Oh, I don’t feel well
I thought you were real
But I guess you’re ill


Written By: Leah Stone

Today's a good day
To blow your face away

We're all gonna go

A ship pulls into port
Ship High In Transport

No smoking



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Our second e.p., Command of Execution (July 2004), features six rock'n'ass tunes, 10:04 total time. Hear "Never Trust a Hippie," "Be Ill," and "S.H.I.T." on the audio page now!

Set List

Basic speedrocks for an hour straight.

originals (25 songs):
Never Trust a Hippie
Be Ill
Knees in the Breeze
Over the Hills
Go Long
All Night
Data and the Emotion Chip (Gone Wrong)
This Song's About Nightmares
I Put My Fingers in My Mouth
(Don't Mess with) Elephantè
Three Points of Contact
Times Like These
a.) Leviticus Barnetheum Ocious Diutius
b.) Oliver Twist; Graze, A Near Miss
c.) Understand?; Blasè
d.) Springboard; Hindsight at Midnight
e.) The Bask; Curse of the Wide Tie-Dyed Panty
Going Home
Young Girls in the Sunshine
Green Grass (Don't Let It Fool You)
Feel Like a Winner
Reprise (Never Trust a Hippie)
S.H.I.T. [Ship High In Transport]
and more...

covers (12 songs):
Horror Business by The Misfits
Earth A.D. by The Misfits
Homosexual by Angry Samoans
Hogwash by Beastie Boys
Do What You Want by Bad Religion
Sit Down by the Fire by The Pogues
Nazi Fun by Th