We had a vision. Are vision from that point on was to be the hottest musicians in our age range. Just to bless the world with are variety of sounds and voices


We started as a senior project at Penn Wood High school. And alot of people told us that we are Awsome. Thats we had a vision. During the first couple of months we were doing gigs here and there just getting our money together. After 6 months we were in the studio with big names. With alot of family and friend support we continued to gig all over the tri state area ( Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware). We had a strong backgorund from the church perspective where they both grew up and spent alot of hours during the week there. Through out the years the duo grew up tp appreciate alot of music and musicians. They were inspired by Miles Davis, Harvey Mason, Fourplay, Jaco, Erykah Badu, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jill Scott, Floetry, Boyz 2 Men.... just to name a few.. Our number one wish in the near future is to broaden everyones horizon with a new style of music with a blend of all music... We hope you enjoy! Bac2dabassics

Set List

30 min set that varies from show to show