goldDust construction

goldDust construction

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Beautiful lyrics and melodies mashed with crusty beats and organic instruments to create an elctro/folk/triphop blend.


Anything from hiphop to industrial.


Cleanse Your Mind

Written By: Sam Stopforth & Andrew Wright

As the water meets your skin
And the world wraps its arms around you
The sun so high its watchful eye
Makes the water so blue

Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhh
Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhh

Throw those worries to the wind
And embrace the feeling that the change could bring
It doesn’t take a lot of time
Hurry quick before you change your mind

Breathe in me
Tell me what I’m supposed to be
Who do you really know?
Show me how I’m supposed to see

As the water greets your skin
And the world wraps her arms around you
The sun so high up in the sky
Makes the water so blue, too

Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhh
Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhh

So grab somebody by the hand
To just lay back with in this foreign land
No one can spoil the view
The path ahead that now remains for you

Please, breathe with me
Tell me what I’m supposed to see
How do you really know?
Show me who I’m supposed to be

Please, breathe for me
Show me who I’m supposed to be
What do you really know?
Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe

Not Today

Written By: Matthew Johnson & Kate Davidson

Not Today

I sprayed up their car to send the messgae around
The beat the shit outta me now I'm rockin' the crowd
When I was 11 I knew I was made for this industry
1986 and the rest it was history
I'm obsessed with this imagery they just don't get
Nevermind,what a perfect fit
See this shit isn't forever, I'm sick of it, I should quit
I only got 1 love though, it's a shame she's a bitch
And I'm not, feelin' these fans say these listeners itch, for new material but misunderstand the lyrics
Tired to death of these round trips, when in Rom right, I miss my wife, my shotgun and my coke pipe
Life of a rolling stone it don't roll right
I love you, I love you, I'll see you in the next life
Smells like goodbye, bye, smeels like goodbye


I wanted to change the world
Just Not today
I wanted to take control
Just not today

I don't wanna be here in this room all alone
I miss my whole fam and my daughter at home
They keep saying this new one is gonna be a smash
I should'a won it last time, politics as ....
Usual I guess I'm stressed from no sleep
It's like my minds racing never stopping for a seat
But there's too much I keep inside to let be
All I wish from inside is, they would let me
Do it like Frank Sinatra, my way
And she don't understand my life I'm ok, Im just great
This weed I smoke just helps me focus and stop feeling like another Hollywood locust
I'm not a red carpet host I'm used to isolation, look at where I'm from, that's my inspiration
And this instigation has got me pacing, sick of my friends telling me this apartments amazing
I feel like a surf, hit the water with my mates in 5,
To the outback sky, right in the sunshine, fuck it I'm tired gotta study these lines
I'll hit em in the morning in 5
New York Goodnight.



To Say I cared, would be an understatement
The thought it's there
Just not the motivation
It won't hurt, for me to wait another....

They say I'm on drugs but I'm only drinking
They say I'm fuccked up but their over thinking
Why you think this make up smears from tears and misunderstood years full of fears when nobody cares
A young girl with a snotty nose, here with nobody to prepare for the snobbiness
And I'm a loser, abuser, to the them so music is soothing, theraputic almost medicinal, so it becomes visceral
Shame though my love life is miserable, too many drunk nights had me feelin' invisible
Liquor is my pedastal, heroin was only ever temporary, typical, drop the empathy, your pity just make me shitty
Dose Up the eye shadow, and wear this wig 'til it looks silly
I swear to God one day these shots will kill me but vodka is a must with no trust for those near me
I'm sick of feelin' crap endin' up with bloody kneecaps, and fuck your feedback, I don't need that
This pinot Imma keep that, and lean back
Why you think they tried to make me go to



Written By: Ashton Yarran, Aaron Burns, Kieron Pearce

Growin up in the hood dardy hamy hill
Where blood spilled from gun shots and drug deals
Gettin peer pressured to down a couple pills
Or break into a house to drive some new wheels
Mum and dad used to deal
Greenery by the pound
Police chopper buzzin round
Flick my sheets and hit the front door thinkin what the fuck has gone down now
Dad reckon uncle Gerald shot our street lights out
With a bolt action .22 hornet like it was legal
Bonfire down the back with a carton of emu
Storytellin by the fire playin the didgeridoo yea
Fridays was the best days, b ball t-junction I couldn’t wait
Saturday was netball watching the yorgaz play
Switchin lanes in my VN Commodore P’s up I thought I was a awse.
Memories back then, Memories back then
The good times and the bad I reminisce
I reminisce, I reminisce, I reminisce, I reminisce

(Lil Statick)
Let me take you back I was born black
Mum and nana struggled just to feed over ten kids and keep our clothes intact
But everything was boss back when
All the family stuck together disputes now and then
It bought us close, here’s a dose of my struggles
Sleepin foot to foot with my cousin, Rangeway to Rivervale
I got em by the dozens I love em
Weetbix and water checkered shirts with missin buttons
I tell it how it is, when we were kids all we had was us runnin amuck
Fishin everyday stealin from the shops
No money just stacked a chocolate in my jocks
Robbed the stand with tomatoes and ditched em at the cops
7 years old I got a chase in my socks
Thinkin back on the love ones I lost
The days were wicked im thinkin life’s a ripple
Im reminiscin on the times when life was more simple yea

Yesterday my mum cried when she left on a plane
I would do anythin to take away her pain
Life is a journey I still don’t know where im goin
But no matter where we go memories remain
I hold a picture frame sittin back reminiscin
I left home lookin for a new beginning
I was stubborn and trippin
Thinkin i was winnin, i told you dare to dream but did u fuckin listen
When T first moved in this only child had a brother
H T and me blood couldn’t make us closer still talk to my old crew
U know I love ya will love ya till the day I die and maybe even after
I gotta go back in time like im Marty Mcfly
Now I remember why we used to get high
If I can go back yea I would do anythin
We next F.O.E Family Over Everythin


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