Basketball Jones

Basketball Jones

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Basketball Jones plays music for those who don't wait for the weekend to visit a saloon. They tell stories for those who can't remember everythang that happened the night before. Basketball Jones is characteratures of strangers found in dive bars spread across the land. Southern groove with banjo.


Basketball Jones combines the paths of all its members into a single, intertwined stream of attitude. Southern stories on a bed of rock and funk, with just enough country to count. Did I mention we have banjo? Gravy Train Jones is our resident Bostonian who plucks the banjo like no one round. Rock infused beats are provided by Dos Cafe Jones, while the bass lines are held in funk by the Louisianian Curly Ben Jones. The Englishman, Mickey Twelve Fingers, is known for his on stage multi-instrumentalism, including the slide guitar, harmonicas, keyboards, and more. And then there's Buckskin Jones. The other Louisianian with a drinking problem. He tells stories about what he can remember, and people tend to relate. All these characters meet in the middle to provide a truly original sound and presentation. Basketball Jones banters well and entertains even better. Basketball Jones is here, we'll see ya'll there.


Fishin' Song

Written By: Buckskin

Hey law, don't ya come around here
We been out here spinnin' boy, we been out here splittin'
Since I remember when

Hey boy, don't ya come without beer
We been gettin' wasted, so bring a couple cases
If you'll be comin' near

I'll pick a place to rest my bones an jimmy up my pole
Fade away to other days an other fishin' holes
Outta bait, but I can't wait
We're diggin' til its done
Drinkin' more than thinkin'
While I'm fadin' with the sun


"Countrysaurus" LP
1. Stay Near Here
2. Funny Pages
3. Dusty Rhodes
4. My Brothers Kids
5. Shipwrecked
6. Daybreak
7. Louisiana Pine
8. Chicken Thought

"Fishin' Song" video/single

Set List

stay near here
funny pages
dusty rhodes
my brothers kids
chicken thought
cow do ya moo
fishin song
morphine queen
whiskey song
go fish
moral hangover
singa song
windows down
prehistoric fiction
60 days