B.A. Soulja

B.A. Soulja

 Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
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We put the having fun in praise music. Wit catchy hooks and uptempo beats, B.A. Soulja's christain hip hop music is refreshing.


This info is what I've done up to becoming B.A. Soulja. B.A. Soulja, formerly known as K.O.D. , grew up in small town just outside Atlanta Ga. He was rasied up in the projects by a single mother with 4 other sons. With the odds stacked against him, he was sure to become one of society’s statistics. With a mom’s determination not to let that happen, she encouraged him to write down his feelings to escape the streets. This soon turned into hip hop lyrics on paper. The beginning of K.O.D. was born. The fresh style of his music is his own just as Nelly’s style was, with that country type grammar that made him unique. His music has been compared to L.L. Cool J, with the passion and feeling of Tu-pac, with a rowdy upbeat stage performance of David Banner. With a clean no vulgar language type style, his music appeals to young and old people alike! In 2003, Hot 93.1 was eager to air his first single Hear My Cry, and see the local’s response. Against major artists it reached the #1 spot on the 9@9 and held that spot 3 weeks. Due to the high response from the listeners, K.O.D. released his Cd single in 2004. He sold more than 600 copies the first month, city wide in a town of 60,000+!! The demand for K.O.D. music became the new hype in Rapid City. This opened many doors which included performances for semi-pro football teams, opening for acts such as Universal Records artist Afroman and others. Hear My Cry also made it on Billboards D.M.A. top 200 singles chart for the week of August 2004. The song was listed at #12 out of 200 singles. In early 2005, K.O.D. released the album Rolle’ To The Fullest and it went on to sell 500 copies!! At this current time he has sold 3,000 to date in store and out of the trunk. In the summer of 2005, he had a part in an independent film called Salem Park 3:15. Rolle’ To The Fullest was on the sound track for the film. He didn’t release an album in 2006, but stayed busy doing shows and opening up for acts such as 2-Live crew, Tone-Loc, and Bone Thugs. In the summer 2007 he opened up for Lil Jon at the Sturgis Rally in Stugis, SD, which put K.O.D. in contact with Jon and the owners of Crunk Energy Drink. This is where he got his 1st sponsorship deal. In 2008, K.O.D. opened up for Bubba Sparxx’s. This is a concert he organized an promoted himself. In Jan 2009, The Blackhills Takeover mixCD was independently released. And with no stores pushing it or Radio promotions, he has sold 400 copies on tha streets! In aug 2009, he opened up for the Ying Yang twins at the Full throttle saloon in Sturgis, SD. This event was nationally televised on Tru-Tv. K.O.D. is helping out with Charities, fund-raises, and church functions also. He was on the first team that started the upward basketball program. He also started a hip hop workshop for kids in South Dakota. 2009, is the second year of the workshop. He started the out reach to show kids a diffrent way to express themselves. K.O.D. is a leader who hungers to be more than the average rapper.


Hear My Cry-Single
Rolle to the Fullest-Album
Blackhills Takeover-Mixtape
U Ain't Hott-Single
605 Soulja's- Mixtape
I was recieveing radio airplay on Hot 93.1 in Rapid City, SD and killi radio in Klye ,SD What's Hot Radio in Burbanks, CA

Set List

My list of songs are...
2nd Chance
Turn it up
Hear My Cry
G.O.D. Swag
Eye's Been Open

Our sets right now, are from 30 to 45mins