A top five finalist in the nation for the Soul City Café singer/songwriter contest, Bass has been capturing audiences all over the world with his music. Bass’ sound is a mixture of pop, folk, and rock that is soaked with undeniable groove and a knack for memorable melodies. Currently residing in southern California, he is involved in numerous projects including playing guitar and singing back-up in the Kelly Bowlin Band(voted best classic rock band at the 2006 OC music awards and best roots rock band at the 2006 Inland empire music awards). He is now working on his second record which should be due out in the summer of 2006.



Written By: Bass

Adeline, she brings me dreams divine
she brings me hope, she brings me light
She brings me Adeline, she gives me all the time
she gives me truth, she gives me life
She's a lover and she loves me right
and she's beauty throwing hopeful light
she's a mother and a father Adeline
And she lets me know that life's alright by inspiring me to win my fight
by revealing all the answers I can't find
My Adeline

Sick of you

Written By: Bass

Driving slowly on a road away from you
Thinking mostly of the things I'm over that you do
We've been hanging around for quite some time now
So why you feel like giving me your lectures of hypocracy? You chain me up and criticize for sport I've come to realize
Why why oh why
I'm sorry baby don't mean to be rude, but sometimes I get sick of you I do
Life's too short to live this way and pardon me if I may say, don't whip me with your tongue
Every little thing you say to me, it shows me that you're unhappy with what you've lived and learned
Your hard lines and one-way streets keep pounding in my head
I'm sorry baby don't mean to be rude, but sometimes I get sick of you I do


Down on Sunday- LP 2004
Tester- EP 2000