Bass Drum Aliens

Bass Drum Aliens

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

Bass Drum Aliens Is a musical journey led by 2 dope boys in an intergalactic Caddilac exploring the next level of the hip hop opotimus movement combining dub step rhythms with space age funk to create the ultimate euphoria necessary for interstellar awakening.


Bass Drum Aliens consists of two members of the Villebillies, former Universal Recording artists. The new project is pure hiphop with a touch of space age funk. Together they have formed a truly original hiphop act with a dynamic stage presence. Only being together for a short period of time the group has amassed a huge fan base and are looking to explore the rest of the cosmos. We hope to rattle all of the sheeples out of their comas with our big bass drum...


Neon Blood in the Cockpit EP-
1.Straight Up Remix
2. Spaceballs
3. The shit aint free
4. Island Earth
5. Pinecone
6. Hybrids

Set List

01. Enya
02. Space Balls
03. DTA
04. Hybrids
05. Pinecone
06. Interlude - Metallica Dubstep - Bassnector
07. Shit ain't Free
08. Hyooman
09. Indonesia
10. TV is Not Reality
11. Big Willie
12. Straight Up
13. Out