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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Acoustic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"'Away' Song Premiere"

Sometimes, you have to stray from the beaten path to find your place in the world. And nowhere is that made clearer than in the music of Los Angeles-based duo Bassett. Composed of singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Josh Bassett and bassist Tak Ozaki, the band creates psychedelic vibes and dense folk stories that resonate on a cellular level. Their particular brand of gauzy rock is steeped in the woozy rhythms and introspective emotions that come from a life spent searching for peace, a distinct personal identity and the release that can only come from a truly expressive piece of music. They're set to release their new EP, "Ghost Highway," a collection of dark, folklore-ish songs that were recorded at Ed Woods' now-defunct studio in East Hollywood, on Nov. 18.

On new single "Away," the duo constructs an acoustic atmosphere rich in melodic theatricality and dense arrangements. The song feels incredibly close, as if the music were seeping into your skin from only a few inches away. Voices encircle your head and spin webs of gossamer rhythms that mesmerize and fascinate with equal ferocity. Bassett's voice is layered and hypnotic, a dense mass of sound that deftly undercuts your defenses, leaving you feeling exposed and completely vulnerable. Stretching out in all directions—not unlike the deserts of California that inspired the band on this latest offering—the music sends out tendrils of acoustic guitar, tribal drums and serpentine bass lines that distort the landscape around them. -

"Ghost Hwy Music Video Premiere"

It’s a saying that’s been repeated countless times but always holds true; sometimes the best way to find what you’re looking for is to get lost. Such is the endless thrust behind multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Josh Bassett and bassist Tak Ozaki who met thousands of miles from where they were originally born.

As the musical duo Bassett, their artistic partnership extends to mind-expanding journeys to places like Joshua Tree where the seeds of the forthcoming Ghost Hwy EP began to be sown. Groundsounds has the exclusive premiere of the video for the EP’s title track for you here today.

With “Ghost Hwy,” Bassett dives deep into himself and pulls out a winding, desert-spirit inflected atmosphere as his vocal take pulls up and down in a sort of meditation. It’s a hypnotic track buoyed further by a mysterious, studio quality video.

“This was certainly a case of life imitating art as the lyrics to the song were written after the video was shot, so the visuals actually influenced the music, shares Bassett. “I also drew inspiration from Nick Drake and acoustic Led Zeppelin as well as the writings of Joseph Campbell, particularly ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and I would say the video is loosely inspired by the Jim Morrison art film ‘HWY’ hence the choice of spelling.

This footage was captured in late July under 110-degree weather in the Salton Sea/Bombay Beach area of California by DP Scott Beardslee who has shot videos by some of music’s biggest stars including Beyonce and The Strokes.”

Watch Bassett in “Ghost Hwy” below, follow them here and look for the EP out November 18th. - GroundSounds

"Bassett Drops first single from new EP 'Ghost Hwy'"

Nomadic duo Bassett have released a new single, "Away," taken from their upcoming Nov. 18 EP Ghost Highway. The song is a transcendental experience of lush grooves, melodic vibes, and tribal mood. It makes for a mesmerizing experience. Listen the to the single here. Check out the complete track listing below.

Previously, the duo released the song, "I'm Not Alone," also taken from the new EP. Bassett dropped their full-length debut, Vanishing, in 2012.

Bassett is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Josh Bassett. He grew up in a house full of music, playing drums and being an orchestral percussionist. It wasn't enough for him and he expanded his talents out to guitar and studied jazz at the University of Miami. But it wasn't until he moved out to LA where he began to hone his own unique singing/songwriter style. The duo also features bassist Tak Ozaki, who grew up in Japan and moved to Dublin where he learned English and toured Europe with his former band. It was while touring with his band that he met Bassett. It was only a matter of time before the two worked together and formed the duo, Bassett.

The new EP, Ghost Highway, was inspired by a period of dark times experienced by Josh Bassett, including the time he got a shotgun pulled out on him. The album was recorded in what is known as Ed Woods Plan 9 studios due to its affiliation with the infamous director. - AXS

"Mad Mackerel Shorts: Bassett"

Inspired by the vast California deserts, LA-based alt folk duo Bassett have a new EP Ghost Hwy out on the 18th November.

Their sound is perhaps best described as being something like the lovechild of Nirvana and Radiohead (if they had moved out West and become Burners)… introspective, intense, and very psychedelic.

Stream Away from the EP below. - Mad Mackerel

"Ghost Hwy Release Party - Astonishing Experience"

With growing anticipation for this particular day – it finally arrived. Where, my creative compadre Dilly Brigs and I went on our way to experience Bassett Ghost Hwy album release party, in L.A, California. This was to be our ( Dilly and I ) first endeavored interview as journalist for ‘ The Subject Press’.

As an Author, I was already excited to hear the thought processes for everything that lead to this new released Album. Dilly had been to many of these events, so her calm was my calm. We drove off into the night as she explained many of her own appreciative thoughts about Bassett. I to concur because some of his songs helped illuminate a great deal of character passages in my books, which authoring needs music to set a character emotion, and if you cannot feel your character, the reader will know.

The drive was entertaining, but the arrival at Molly Malone (Irish Pub in LA) is where the album release party would be taking place already had a welcoming feel. Bassett’s fans anxiously aligned at the door. You could hear their conversations anxious about viewing entire show. Now this too fueled my passion to participate hearing and feeling what everyone else to found worth celebrating. Inside Molly Malone Bar was impressive. The decoration kept your eyes wandering to see the Irish personality. Service was friendly and quick. Inside the room where we'd enjoy the release party was perfect.

Josh Bassett (Lead Vocalist), Ryan Rice (drums), Corey McCormick (Bass), Conrado Pesinato (guitar), Tak Ozaki (guitar) arrived to begin their set up. Dilly and I took numerous photos. Interviewing fan’s about their thoughts. My question was “Do you find the group to be feeling music to be in the car or is it the kind of music you want to relax and fall into a deep thinking” – majority praised the more deep thinking answer. I found that to be truthful once set up of instruments, sound check, and preparation to play. One detail I did notice Josh Bassett added was a wrapping of scarfs around the mic neck. I recall asking Dilly was this commemorate Aerosmith. (Lead singer Steven Tyler) This fascinated me...

Then it happened. Moment you anxiously wait for. The first song to make or break the moment for guest, fans, family, and friends – all supporters in the room; the sound and vocal’s presented “I’m not Alone.” I felt myself pulled further on the edge of my seat. I heard the dynamic projection of the soul. It had the perfect melancholy that stirred you to understand what was being convey through Josh voice and the band matching his desires to move the audience. They were perfectly in harmony. As I gazed around the room, the entire room came alive. Voyeuristically, I enjoyed seeing the facial expressions. Wondering how this song might relate in someone’s life. A relationship through sound and words – it was incredible.

Another super amazing highlight to the night was receiving dual replay from Josh Bassett for his song Ghost Hwy. Not only did he play it once, but also the secondary time was with the video projected behind him. Hearing it the first time was inspiring. To, visually see how the video connected music to visual left you really immersed psychologically. That is the best place to be when you want to fall into deep thinking.

Over all the night was a success for everyone. Pride on Josh and those who supported him on stage showed their deepest gratitude. Afterwards those who remained after the show came to mingle. Dilly had already known Josh, but when I had the honors to meet the man whose music I listen to when writing. I felt like everyone else in the room. Josh and his group were down to earth. They did not make you feel pressured to make the conversation short. They (Josh and the gang) wanted too equally know who you are, and I think this will make them go far being personable to future fans. Even at the end of the show gave everyone praises.

I give this a ten star experience.

In conclusion, I am grateful to have met Josh Bassett, with Dilly Brigs. To have a personable autograph is most rewarding. However, after the signings, Tak Ozaki (guitar) gave me a remarkable gift. He handed me over the set up list. Now understand I had never been in this position – Author and a new Press Journalist along with Dilly Brigs, handed over a set up list. I just could not imagine why a piece of paper was so important. Then it was explain to me that a set-up list is very collectable to fans. It is just as precious as my fans are when they receive the very first drawing to my art.

Please check out BASSETT if you are in the mood to fall into deep thinking. I highly recommend it. It is worth supporting a group who simply understands emotions. Check more out at the official site: - Sasha George

"Bassett - Away"

Los Angeles-based duo Bassett, comprised of singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Josh Bassett and bassist Tak Ozaki, offer up a vibrant and theatrical sound lands somewhere on the indie-folk spectrum, just left of Alternative. Through dense instrumentals and spirited lyricism, their new EP Ghost Hwy conjures up the off kilter vibes of Radiohead while their storytelling paints pastoral portraits of communing with nature. “Fire in your eyes by the light of the moon / come join our tribe we’ve got the room” Basset sings on the lead single “Away”, ethereally floating above the drum circle-like beat. Josh’s layered and hypnotic vocals are are abstracted yet close, framed by beautiful strings and percussion that seem to slip in and out of auditory consciousness. The song evokes a sense of freedom, taking its listeners on a journey deep into the belly of melodic intonation before ending the adventure in the deserts of California where the song was inspired. - Sunset In The Rearview

"Bassett - Ghost Hwy"

Bassett is a duo made up of multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Josh Bassett, and bassist Tak Ozaki. Josh brings along a background in orchestral percussion and jazz guitar along with years spent as a session player in L.A. A native of Kobe, Japan, Tak spent some time in Ireland and toured Europe with another band before crossing paths with Josh in Los Angeles. The two connected and discovered their shared musical tastes playing in L.A.’s live music circuit. They’ve spent pretty much all of the last few years touring throughout the United States. Fun fact: They’ve always made a point of checking out local cuisine. Tak’s other job is a professional chef.
Ghost Hwy, released Nov 8, marks a departure from the classic heavy metal vibe of their 2013 debut release, Vanishing. The new EP was recorded in a storied East Hollywood studio with a history of hosting jams with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, Jim Morrison, and Guns N’ Rose. It also has a reputation for a spooky atmosphere and strange events.
Stylistically, the release is eclectic, with a variety of musical influences on display. “Spirit Friend” has a distinctly Celtic flavour to the harmonies and melody, with the rhythm part played on a mandolin. Josh’s voice is distinctive and flexible enough to offer expression and melodic hooks along with a variety of moods. “Away” has an acoustic blues/roots feel to it, with an ethereal take on the vocal part. The song has a hypnotic quality, not unlike that of Saharan desert blues, with North African or Middle Eastern rhythms.
“Wingtouch” is a bit of a cross between Led Zeppelin and Alice in Chains vocally and melodically, with heavy guitar and vocals that have an urgent, anguished edge. “Ghost Hwy,” the title track, begins with pastoral sounds and a folky acoustic guitar, then ventures into a trippy vibe with some unusual harmonies and chord progressions. The lyrics on the album are mystical in tone and inspired by California’s Mojave Desert. From “Ghost Hwy.”
Trippin’ through the crowds, streets where no one knows my name
A sea of angels lost, trapped inside the city walls
Whispers from beyond, send the call to travel on
A voice I feel I’ve known, speaks of places my dreams have shown, dreams shown
Down, chase down dreams that fade
Roll down the Ghost Highway
That’s the album’s strength – its sense of invention and originality, with a modern sensibility that draws from many sources. It’s indie rock for the 21st century with a global flair and an inventive sense of melody and harmony that keeps it interesting. - My Entertainment World

"Friends of Friends Bassett//Los Angeles, California Song//Ghost Hwy"

"Such a well crafted song we had to leave our roots for a second to acknowledge a richly organic vessel of talent. Bassett has found a way to capture a mellow yet rustic feel twith Ghost Hwy that I havent experienced with a new find in years. With rock music and alternative genres to be considered a dying breed its music like this that reminds us they arent going anywhere."
-Robert Carson Jr.
Editor and Chief Executive Officer - iiinglewudbuffalo

"2016: Seven albums we should have told you about sooner"

The full-length from the duo of singer-multi-instrumentalist Josh Bassett and bassist Taz Ozaki features desert-baked psychedelic blues and trippy folk excursions, perfect for your next journey into the Joshua Tree wilderness. - BuzzbandsLA

"Bassett's Psych Rock Will Take You "Away""

The psychedelic rock of Bassett’s new release, “Away,” is provocative, and despite its pacing, is anything but tame.

The tempo of “Away” is a pulling, stretching ebb and flow clearly inspired by the 1970s. There’s a tambourine, gentling trill of bongos, an acoustic guitar picked cheerfully, a bass played by the other half of this duo, Tak Ozaki, and a thick blend that at times overcomes and envelopes lead and band namesake Josh Bassett’s strongly weaving vocals. It’s if we are listening to the aural equivalent of a cake batter with the chocolate-drippings of Bassett’s vocals enticingly drizzled throughout.

But what are they? As to Bassett’s vocals themselves, it’s hard to make out what he’s singing in the track. Bassett’s warbling vocals have been layered and re-layered over the mix. The effect feels like a ghost, and it’s no surprise it’s off his album “Ghost Hwy” (debuting November 18). In fact, his vocals feel akin to watching a smoky haze or seeing a desert that’s been first addled with heat waves. The band is impassioned, skilled, but what exactly they are pulling the listener towards is unclear at first sample. It’s definitely a journey.

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For something paced so down-tempo, you’d think it would be less provocative, but it’s not. It’s very much in your face, asking you to define it or enjoy it because ”Away” plain old doesn’t sound like anything else. This is Bassett’s strength: giving the listener an unexpected blend that feels at once both modern and evocative of the past, both borrowing elements of psych rock while keeping the overall vibe feeling of-the-moment and innovative.

For an indie duo to create something genuinely surprising using, essentially, vocals, a bass, and an acoustic guitar plus a handful of instruments thoughtfully placed is exciting. Bassett is refreshingly unique in a world where so many indie bands sound the same.

Take a trip. Check out “Away” here to decide what it could all mean for yourself. - Huffington Post


Bassett "Vanishing" Released 2013
Bassett "Ghost Hwy" releasing Nov 2016
various online song releases via Youtube/Soundcloud/etc



Culturally diverse, nomadic duo Bassett have always strayed from the beaten path. It is this chronic search for identity, peace and creative release that led them to the vast landscapes of the California desert, which served as inspiration for their newest EP Ghost Hwy.

Multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Josh Bassett grew up a drummer and orchestral percussionist in a religiously mixed New Jersey family. A hunger to expand led him to pick up the guitar and pursue jazz studies at the University of Miami. Still feeling unsettled, Josh took his deepened musical knowledge and continued his odyssey West, first to San Francisco and then to LA where he began developing his singing and songwriting style while working as a session musician for hire. He was quick to pick up production and mixing techniques while observing engineers in the studio scene and it wasn’t long before he was executing his own recordings.

Bassist Tak Ozaki grew up in Kobe, Japan and left for Dublin, Ireland where he learned English and toured Europe in his previous band.  One tour led him to LA, where he crossed paths with kindred musical spirit Josh while playing the LA club scene. Since uniting, the duo has spent the majority of their bands life on the road. They have played extensively throughout the West, East and Midwest, fulfilling their dream of spreading deep, psychedelic musical vibrations while seeking out some of America’s culinary gems along the way. Josh is more the starving artist type and Tak the more ‘die hard foodie’, the duo use their musical travels to also search out new and exotic outlets for their cravings and Ozaki even moonlights as a professional chef.

Their pilgrimages to Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas acted as springboard for their new, introspective and trance-like material which explores uncharted emotional territory. Josh, who was processing some dark personal history at the time, explains “I was going through a period of intense shyness so I wasn’t cranking up the amps...I was tinkering on acoustic instruments and soul searching with my voice.” Ghost Hwy is a far stretch from Bassett’s debut, 2013’s Vanishing, which brandished fierce and heavy Zeppelin-esque rock; their vintage riffs and wily vocals falling right in step with the mainstream rise of Kurt Vile and War on Drugs. But the boys of Bassett were never searching for a timely affiliation...They were in search of inner truth.

Loaded up on desert vibes, Bassett decamped back to their East Hollywood studio, which is situated in a building steeped in its own ghostly LA folklore. Known as Ed Woods Plan 9 Studio, because of its affiliation with the B movie mogul, the building later became an infamous jam spot which was frequented by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone and Jim Morrison in the 60’s and Guns N’ Roses in the 80’s. “Weird characters and energy are caught in its vortex” Josh asserts. “One night I had a shotgun pulled on me. There was definitely a spooky vibe around the building and it crept into the music.”

The resulting EP is filled with a depth and rawness that entices the listener into its strange sonic world. While Bassett’s music still sits in the vintage psych vein a la Pink Floyd & Nick Drake, Ghost Hwy is harder to pin down with its uncommon chords and visceral balladry. “I often feel like an outcast” notes Josh. “Not just because our music doesn’t click into a current genre but because we have always gone down our own road and that’s what we offer...A genuine reflection of our journey through the human experience.”

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